Newsweek Veterans Slam The Magazine For Publishing Mamet’s “Sloppy” Gun Article

Several prominent former Newsweek journalists criticized the error-ridden recent cover story by playwright David Mamet that sought to discredit attempts to strengthen gun laws. Some former staffers point to the Mamet piece as evidence that the magazine, which recently ceased print publication, isn’t what it used to be, noting it seems to be seeking more readers through provocative pieces rather than in-depth journalism.

A Media Matters review of the piece found glaring factual mistakes related to background checks, assault weapons, and U.S. Secret Service protection for President Obama’s family.

The controversial cover piece, which portrayed supporters of stronger

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  • Crowley

    Seriously? You link to Media Matters?

  • tony C

    The problem with web only publications is that their primary interest is in catching eyeballs to sell to advertisers which is a short term strategy rather than building a long term subscriber with a well edited and fact checked product.

    If you think that the digital Newsweek stinks stop reading it and deprive them of your eyeballs and related revenue.