The Top Ten Magazine Covers of 2012: The Completely Biased, Highly Subjective and Unscientific List

It’s the end of the year and all of the top ten lists are hitting the racks, dropping into email boxes and getting passed around like so much Christmas candy. There are a lot of ways to look at what the best magazine covers are and from what I’ve seen, many of the lists that are out there are simply based on what the editors of that particular list thought was the best.

Our friends at MagNet published a list last year that was based on actual sales data. That was an excellent idea.

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  • Donald Tepper

    Please. I know this was a design-related article, but recognize that editors (and other folks with at least a high school education) might be reading it as well. And the process was painful. Among the errors:

    I know refer to that practice as “hypocrisy”.
    –>Preferable style is to place the period inside the quote.

    But it could be because this cover, like last year’s stood out so well.
    –>Needs a comma after "year’s."

    Aside from being a great read, the cover image is guaranteed to attract it’s target demographic.
    –>"its," not "it’s."

    I’m not a fan of Blake Lively’s, but I am a fan of the image.
    –>Blake Lively’s what? Or did the writer mean "Blake Lively"?

    But Glamour get’s a pass to the lifeboat
    –>"gets," not "get’s." What is this with all the extra apostrophes?

    this small Ohio based publisher had it’s February cover place in the top 10.
    –>"its," not "it’s."

    While I like the mid year redesign of this venerable magazine, the March issue literally leaped off the rack into my hands when I walked by.
    –>Wow! It literally leaped off the rack? Now, THAT’s impressive!

    Luckily, there are still writers and editors to handle the non-design elements of magazines.