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With the rise of tablet editions it is time for publishers to reinvent the 'back of the book'

February 12, 2013
As a magazine publisher who previously had been in the newspaper business, one of the first things I thought about when designing my first magazine launch (at McGraw-Hill) was what the back of the book should look like. While the editors and designers fretted over the feature layouts, and most of the ad team worked with their clients to secure full page ads, I worked with our classified sales person discussing opportunities for small ads placed in the back. Should we have lots of one-inch ads? directories? recruitment advertising? what will work best for the new magazine?...


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On April 3, 2010, the publishing ecosystem was changed forever. For magazines, the launch of the iPad signaled the exciting new era of interactive, innovative publications and new revenue opportunities. For agencies and advertisers, the launch of the iPad meant promise but also radical changes.


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