Discover Proven Strategies for Monetizing Digital Content

A number of magazine pioneers are enormously successful in the digital space, while others may feel as if they have entered foreign territory. While opportunities abound related to technology and format, the biggest questions revolve around content monetization. How can media companies best reach their readers in digital formats, and control revenue streams, circulation, digital order management, all the while increasing profits?

Be sure to join editor James Sturdivant as Publishing Executive answers these questions and more during tomorrow’s free webinar, “Proven Strategies for Monetizing Digital Content,” sponsored by CDS Global. The webinar features expert commentary and case studies from Chris Dorbandt, managing director of consumer marketing at Scientific American Magazine, and Chris Courtney, mobile products manager at the Tribune Company.

In this informative webinar, you’ll learn about monetization options such as paywalls, subscriptions, content licensing and various ad-supported models; how to strategize and prioritize digital publishing initiatives; deciding which revenue strategy is right for you; and how fulfillment and subscription services tie into and complement a monetization strategy.

The free webinar takes place at 2 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 6. Click here to register.

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