Latest PE Cover Comes Alive With AR

Publishing Executive's February 2013 cover.

The latest issue of Publishing Executive carries secrets: video, pictures and stories waiting to be unlocked by curious readers holding a print copy and smartphone or tablet. Yes, we have entered the augmented reality era with our February edition of the magazine, which features an AR-enabled front cover.

Your journey begins on page 3, where Editorial Director Lynn Rosen guides you through downloading the Layar app (available in the App Store and Google Play), which you can then use to view a congratulatory message on that page. On the cover, enhanced content can be unlocked and viewed by hovering your device over the picture and symbols highlighting the theme of this month’s issue, “reinventing publishing.” Don’t miss this opportunity to go behind the scenes on our Pinterest page to discover how this month’s cover was created, find out what magazines really mean to Lynn in an eye-opening video, and see for yourself how AR can drive readers to subscribe and follow publications on social media.

For those without a print copy of the magazine, the February issue is, of course, available online, with articles on new B-to-B business models, how to engage readers with tablet advertising, intriguing technologies, ravishing redesigns, capitalizing on the content marketing craze, and much more.

Let us know what you think of the technology (or anything else) by commenting below or sending us an email.

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  • Kevin Keane

    Tremendous leadership, great to see the team at Publishing Executive magazine showing the way! Good on ya, Lynn Rosen !

    Also love the integration with social media – in particular — Pinterest, which ought to be the "virtual sample room" for evey printer and designer and publisher on the planet.

    One question – the copy above referencers a video from Lynn, it isn’t on the Pinterest page as yet, will it be coming or could you post a link? I will be sure to share this great news with my networks@!

  • Hannah Brown

    I am currently researching Augmented Reality for my research design project at Western Michigan University. I am glad to see that you are using Layar, as that is one of the applications and resources for my project. I think Layar is a great tool and there are many opportunities to create interactive pieces. I will use this as an example of an US publisher adopting this technology to enhance their printed products.

    If it is possible I would be interested in any analytics/results from your interactive issue.