New Simba Information Report: 1 in 5 Adults to Own an iPad in 2013

Apple's iPad Mini
Tablet Presence 'Altering the DNA' of Media Use

STAMFORD, CT (Nov 27, 2012)—Simba Information, the market research firm specializing in publishing, technology and media, has released a new report on the popular tablet and its user, The iPad and Its Owner 2013. After tracking U.S. iPad ownership trends since the tablet’s birth in 2010, Simba estimates that within a few short weeks, one in every five adults in the U.S. will own at least one iPad.

Additionally, the report projects that within five years, there will be more adults in the U.S. who own an iPad or other tablet than those who purchase print books — and it is up to publishers and authors to decide how to approach this.

“When studying iPad owners separately from the entire U.S. population, we end with a lot of contradictions,” said Michael Norris, a senior analyst of Simba Information commenting on the findings. “Not all iPad owners use e-books, but those that do tend to spend more on digital content than other e-book users. Even though iPad owners also tend to buy more print books than the average adult, a look at television, magazine and newspaper consumption through the lens of the iPad owner shows the tablet may be ‘altering the DNA’ of the media consumer.”

The report is based on proprietary, nationally representative consumer surveys of 2,000 adults Simba has been administering several times annually for its Trade E-Book Publishing report series. The most recent study was compiled in August 2012, before the debut of the iPad Mini. When the original iPad was first released in 2010, Simba began including the iPad in the coveted e-book ‘device matrix’ but also added a question earlier in the survey to establish iPad ownership — which enabled Simba to study the rate of iPad adoption, its influence on book publishing, demographic details of the iPad owner, and more.

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