On Election Day, It’s a Tie!

The editors at Publishing Business Today got a welcome message about politics this afternoon. What, you may ask, could possibly be “welcome” at the merciful end of a bruising campaign season? A picture and Election Day missive from Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni, that’s what! We think anyone can appreciate what Samir is saying (and wearing) … not to mention his sentiments about a political system we sometimes take for granted.

Quoth Mr. Magazine:

“It is election day and journalists should vote but they should not show their colors… so, as Mr. Magazine and the man who love neckties, I opted for wearing two ties representing both political parties… I am keeping people and the country guessing. Thank God we do not have as many political parties in the States as in my original home country Lebanon. Go vote and hope it is not a tie …. ”

Click on the picture at right to see a larger version (he’s sporting donkeys and elephants). And if you haven’t already, go vote!!