PINK Magazine Ceases Print Edition

PINK Street LLC has announced a shift in its business strategy including ceasing all print operations of PINK Magazine.

The company said its August-Sept-Oct 2009 issue of PINK Magazine will be the final traditional print issue. As part of a deal with Meredith Inc, MORE Magazine will fulfill PINK‘s subscriber obligations.

“I believe the magazine business as we know it is over, and it’s time to change the media in order to save the message” said Cynthia Good, founding editor and CEO of PINK. “We’re putting our full resources and efforts behind the fast growing e-note, which already has a wider distribution than the magazine did.”

The company’s Little PINK Book, a daily e-newsletter, has doubled its database of active, opt-in subscribers over the last few months, the company said. The daily e-note, prototyped as “Daily Candy meets professional women,” currently targets career-focused women nationwide via 750,000 send-outs per week and boasts click-through rates which are five times the industry average. Closure of the print magazine will allow more for more of a focus on this digital product, the company said.