AppWatch: A Look at What Publishers Are Launching in the Mobile Space

Finally—an App’s App!

App: Wired App Guide

Produced by: Wired magazine/Condé Nast and 

Price: $5.99

Details & Features:

No question, the app marketplace is getting crowded—and fast. Seizing an opportunity to help consumers sort through the clutter and find useful apps and reviews, as well as “the hottest apps in the App Store,” Wired magazine collaborated with tech site Gizmodo on the launch of the Wired App Guide—first in a print version sold on newsstands for $10.99, and then as an iPad app available in the App Store for $5.99.

“Our experts braved the app stores to search, download, test, crash, complain and update,” says a statement from Wired in the iTunes App Store. “Organized into seven categories—[e.g., social, games, lifestyle, news, etc.]—these are the apps worth knowing about.”

Designed for the iPad, the app enables users to make purchases directly from the iTunes App Store.

Tip: Partnering on developing an app may be helpful as far as sharing resources and investment. After all, two heads are better than one, right?

Farmers: “It’s Raining on My Field”

App: AgWeb

Produced by: Farm Journal Media

Price: Free

Details & Features:

Farm Journal Media (FJM) recently launched its free AgWeb app, based on the success of, its website providing “market information, agriculture news and online tools and databases,” said Greg Vincent, AgWeb editor, in a press release announcing the launch. “The new mobile app will help keep growers connected to AgWeb from their mobile phones or tablets, even when they are in the field or on the road.”

Among the app’s key features is a weather section, where users can obtain local wind and weather forecasts and updates, among other information. According to the press release, “The weather radar can also … show weather activity down to the road level, allowing farmers to see if they are getting rain on a particular field.” This feature exemplifies the appeal of apps that offer targeted information end users can use regularly.

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