Quebecor World Plans to Rebrand Under New Name

Perhaps in response to its perceived image problem, Quebecor World is planning a company name change, Publishing Executive Inbox has learned. A spokesperson for the company would neither confirm nor deny this report.

An industry source has informed Inbox that the company will indeed make a change to its brand at some point in the near future. Some speculate that Quebecor World may be under pressure from its parent company, Quebecor Inc., to make the change.

“This issue was first raised when the company filed for Chapter 11 in January,” says Marilynn Jacobs, vice president of marketing for Quebecor World’s magazine division. “If and when the company makes any change to its brand while under creditor protection, it would need court approval. The company continues to operate as Quebecor World.”

The news comes on the heels of a report that Quebecor World may lose some business from its parent, who may seek another printer to handle some of its magazine titles.

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