SELF Redesigns and Repositions to Grow Iconic Brand

The new SELF launches with 'triple cover issue' featuring Julianne Hough in March.

NEW YORK, NY, February 11, 2013 – SELF, for over thirty years, the leading women’s active lifestyle brand, has revamped and rebooted its look, feel, approach and architecture to reach beyond the 13 million current users and readers to a new generation of young, healthy living, active women who embody the SELF lifestyle.

The new SELF launches with the March issue, which carries a triple cover of Julianne Hough, and has a fun, fresh look and messaging for women who know that being active and healthy is beautiful, being strong is sexy and being healthy is in fashion. When women think about their lives, the topics of diet, fitness, health and beauty are all naturally integrated. Being healthy is a lifestyle, and SELF is their go-to guide.

Transcending the “body” category, the redesigned SELF brand, which includes a new look and voice across print and digital properties, as well as new marketing initiatives and an expansion into licensed products, focuses on key areas of a woman’s life—the physical, the emotional and the social self, and where these areas intersect.

“Healthy is chic, strong is beautiful, fit is fashionable!” said Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief of SELF. “The new SELF helps women navigate the moments that lead to feeling awesome right now, and to achieving larger life goals. SELF’s message: You Got This!”

“SELF started the active lifestyle movement that’s now the mainstream,” said Laura McEwen, vice president and publisher of SELF. “Today’s women have a keen focus on body consciousness. This cultural phenomenon means that the body becomes inextricably linked to beauty and fashion. This shift is reflected in our beauty advertising, which has gone up about 20% year over year. With the reimagined SELF, and our highly affluent audience, we offer more targeted opportunities for beauty and luxury marketers than ever before.”

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