Eric Shanfelt

Eric Shanfelt

Eric Shanfelt is the founding partner of eMedia Strategist, a consulting firm that helps media companies use digital strategies to build their businesses. You can reach Eric at

The Facebook Apocalypse Just Hit, But Don't Freak Out

Facebook just reduced the organic reach of your page to 0%. The good news, however, is that there is a way for publishers to still use Facebook to grow their business. You've probably read the news from yesterday of big changes at Facebook. The news feed is going to further prioritize posts from people over…

What Publishers Need to Do About GDPR

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect May 25, 2018. That’s only six months away, but I’m surprised by how many publishers don’t know about GDPR, don’t think it affects them, or they think they’re compliant, but they’re not. We’d much rather focus on the fun part of publishing: creating great content,…

How to Turn Audience Development into a Profit Machine

What if I said you could make $100 for every $1 you spend on audience development? It’s possible, but to achieve it, you’ll need to change your approach to audience development. For years now, I’ve been encouraging publishers to think more like direct marketers. Modern direct marketing has made a science out of nurturing cold…

Lead Nurturing: How to Launch a New $1 Million Revenue Stream

I recently read an article in The Atlantic lamenting the fall of Yahoo. “Today, Facebook and Google alone are slurping up the ad dollars … and Yahoo as we knew it has all but vanished. It won’t be the only web giant to fall.” As many stories about media seem to be these days, it…

Why Digital Transformation Is Easier for Some Media Companies

Digital transformation in media isn’t new. It’s been happening for over 20 years now and the landscape is still evolving and changing even today. Change like this hasn’t been easy for individuals, companies, or the media industry. But while it’s been a challenge, some companies have navigated this digital transformation more easily than others. For…

What Publishers Should Do About Google’s New Interstitial Penalty

Google is serious about improving the mobile web browsing experience. You’re probably already familiar with their AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) initiative to promote fast-loading web pages on mobile devices. And now, as of January 10, Google is penalizing sites that show “intrusive interstitials” to users of mobile devices. This change impacts all publishers that use…

Most Publishers Are Lousy at Audience Development. Here’s Why.

As media companies, we pride ourselves on building long-term content relationships with our readers. Our audiences are the lifeblood of our businesses driving advertising, subscription, event, lead generation, and other revenues. But despite our reliance on our audiences, we often struggle at developing them. It seems increasingly difficult for us to get more email subscribers,…

Drive More Ad Revenue with Digital Sponsorship Models

Consumer and B2B media companies are competing on an advertising playing field that is heavily stacked against them. We sell industry-standard web and email advertising positions and price them individually on a CPM basis, or a flat fee where it’s easy to calculate an effective CPM anyway. We then try to sell this inventory to…

Publishers Are Looking at Facebook the Wrong Way: It's Not a Publishing Platform

We’ve heard how Facebook is changing its algorithms and how the organic reach of Facebook posts is rapidly declining. Organic reach is now estimated to be less than 6% and Ogilvy has even predicted that organic reach on Facebook will soon be zero. Maybe there really is too much competing content now. Or maybe Facebook…

9 Tips for Optimizing Your Online Ad Pricing

Many factors can limit a media company's opportunity for online revenue growth, such as content strategy, audience development strategy, website/e-newsletter design, technical issues, and even your sales philosophy. But almost without fail, I find the No. 1 problem is under- or over-pricing online ad positions.

The Case for Daily E-newsletters

My baptism with e-mail newsletters came in 1995 for Windows NT Magazine, a monthly print publication for IT administrators.

A Controlled-Circ App Strategy

As the popularity and hype of the iPad and other tablet devices grow, many publishers are trying to figure out what their magazine app strategies should be.

Mobile Publishing

I love mobile devices. I bought my first PDA, a Cassiopeia, back in the late '90s. It was a Windows CE device, had a large, color touch screen, and ran scaled-down versions of Microsoft Office applications. I worked for Windows IT Pro at the time, and believe it or not, we actually launched a mobile version of our website specifically designed for mobile devices using a platform called AvantGo. That was 12 years ago, and we were able to aggregate enough of an audience to actually sell sponsorships.

5 Tips to Boost E-media
 Revenues in 2010

Every media company has different business challenges and business models, but certain strategies can help almost any publisher grow the e-media side of the business. Are they flashy, new strategies? No. Most are boring fundamentals. But in media, as in football, those who best execute the fundamentals are the ones who win.