Time Inc. Pushes Forward With Print Programmatic
August 5, 2015 at 5:40 pm

Back in February, Time Inc. introduced its plan to sell advertising in print, programmatically, across 18 titles in order to increase efficiency and impact for advertisers. Now, the company has raised the stakes with its “2.0” model. On Monday, Time Inc. announced it’s improved its platform for selling hyper-targeted audiences, adding 12 more segments. It…

What The Ad Blocker Debate Reveals
August 4, 2015 at 5:22 pm

OS 9 and OS X 10.11 (“El Capitan”) carry ad-blocking technology that delivers an experience that stands in stark contrast to current advertising and tracking practices. Users are beginning to notice…and advertisers aren’t happy about it. On the last day of the June 2015 Developers’ Conference, Apple held a session (video here) to announce its…

5 Ways Publishers Can Capitalize on the Content Marketing Boom
August 1, 2015 at 3:05 pm

While there has been a good deal of buzz about the growing importance of content marketing for brands, some publishers may still be asking, “Can I get a piece of the content marketing pie?” The answer to that question is an unqualified “yes,” as publishers already have the skills required to operate effectively as content marketers on behalf of their clients. In fact, publishers are equipped to deliver content marketing services because content marketing plays to publishers’ core strengths. (1) Publishers are well versed at discovering and telling great stories.

How Politico Crafts Branded Content With a Political Agenda
July 24, 2015

While most publishers rushed to set up content studios and nab native ad revenue, Politico has been slow to enter the field of branded content. Since 2013, the news outlet's branded content strategy has mainly been to serve as a distribution channel for content that brands produced themselves or with an agency.

That's about to change with the launch of Politico Focus, an in-house content and data studio. The unit is organized into three branches: content creation, data services and research insights. It will be able to use Politico's ad tech infrastructure to offer audience analysis, 

A Blow for Mobile Advertising: Next Version of Safari Will Let Users Block Ads
June 12, 2015

It didn't get a mention in Apple'sbig keynote announcementsMonday - which already had plenty of interest to publishers - but deep within Apple's developer documentation lies perhaps the most important item of all to the news industry. Adblocking - running a piece of software in your web browser that prevents ads on most web pages from loading - has moved from a niche behavior for the nerdy few to something mainstream. A report from 2014 found that adblock usage was up 70 percent year-over-year, with over 140 million people blocking ads worldwide, including 41 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds.

Bing, Google, Publishers Lose Billions Of Dollars From Blocked Ads
June 10, 2015

Ad blocking remains a controversial topic. Based on a variety of data, one company attempts to estimate the financial loss to Google. Of the estimated $41 billion in revenue Google reported in 2014, PageFair estimates that $17.6 billion came from the U.S. Some $1.9 billion represents the estimated U.S. revenue available to Google on that the company did not generate as a result of the 10% of visitors having ad-blocking technology installed in their browser.

Google recovered about $942 million -- a portion of the $1.9 billion in the U.S -- by being white listed