Time Inc., Hearst Prevail in High Stakes Antitrust Lawsuit
August 24, 2015 at 1:55 pm

A group of magazine publishers, including Time Inc., Hearst Corp., American Media Inc., Rodale Inc., won a longstanding antitrust case filed by wholesaler Anderson News LLC. The $371 million antitrust suit, which was initially filed in 2009 in New York Southern District Court claimed the publishers banded together to not accept Anderson’s price hikes pertaining…

The Economist's Michael Brunt on Refining the Journey from Consumer to Subscriber
August 19, 2015 at 6:01 pm

It's been a time of both huge change and welcome stability at The Economist. Following the sale of its stablemate the Financial Times to Nikkei, the magazine and research group has completed a £469 million sale whose terms enshrine its own editorial and commercial independence. The huge asking price was based in part on the…

How Harvard Business Review Thinks It Can Add Subscribers While Getting More Expensive
July 2, 2015

Harvard Business Review is trying to walk a fine line: The magazine thinks it can raise the price for a subscription and still attract close to 100,000 new subscribers.

"Basic economics says you lower prices and get more customers; you raise prices you get fewer," Harvard Business Review Group publisher Joshua Macht told me. "And our board members point this out to me. But there's this defying gravity idea, and the reason why I think it's for the last five years, at least, we've been in this conversation with subscribers."

The Six Rules of Attraction for Magazine Media Growth
June 24, 2015

The Rules of Attraction study was launched last month by Magnetic, the new marketing agency for magazine media in the UK, and was given its conference debut at FIPP's Insight Forum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Magnetic's consultant Dave Brennan.

Based on 15,000 interviews supplemented by media diaries, in-depth interviews and 'in-the-moment' video tasks, all conducted by agency Crowd DNA, The Rules of Attraction explored magazine brands' roles as they stand today - powered by print but increasingly extended and enhanced by digital.


Biggest Lesson from Magazine Media 360°: Print Continues to Captivate Readers
June 18, 2015

Although the President and CEO of the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) Mary Berner has witnessed a massive rise in digital media -- from social to video and everything in between -- she still sees a robust print economy that remains relevant to all types of readers. Berner helped create Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report last September. The report shares audience growth numbers across all major media formats and has offered new insight into the kinds of content readers want most and what channels are driving the largest audiences. In the following interview, Berner shares what she's learned over the past year managing Magazine Media 360° and why print remains an attractive platform for readers.