New ePublishing Platform in a Box
May 27, 2010

Danish-based eMagStudio, the company behind digital publications software eMagCreator, has launched a new cross platform software solution, eMagStudio, an enriched publishing platform that allows for creation of online publications containing Rich Media at a low cost. 

Report: Don't Ignore Mobile Device 'Long Tail'
May 21, 2010

In the midst of the mobile device fever gripping the publishing industry, a new report from Internet publishing platform provider Netbiscuits sheds light on how mobile business profitability extends beyond the latest Apple craze to a so-called "long tail" of Web-enabled devices, which combined generate the majority of website requests.

Telecoms Companies Lead E-Reader Subscriptions Market
May 18, 2010

The telecoms industry could lead the market for e-reader and media subscription packages. One business model with strong potential is the bundling of magazine or newspaper subscriptions with a subsidised e-reader.

Making the Most of Online Events
May 7, 2010

Smart publishers should pay attention to the style, environment and functionality built around online events as much as the quality of the content, Tim Stark, Penton Media's director of online events, tells Publishing Executive Inbox. 

SendMyAd Ad Portal Announces Support of Web Ads
May 5, 2010

SendMyAd, LLC, the provider of the innovative digital ad portal, announces support for web ads utilizing the same easy to use browser based user interface. Advertisers and publishers using the industry leading ad portal can upload both print and web ads from the Advertiser Dashboard