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Andy Kowl is a journalist and entrepreneurial publisher with more than 30 years developing, marketing andgrowing publishing companies. He is senior vice president of publishing strategy for ePublishing Inc., the leading enterprise publishing system (EPS) provider which manages content, audience data, workflow, newsletters and e-commerce for more than 600 B2B publications. He helps publishers increasereader engagement and response by integrating behavioral data with contextual content, and shows them direct ways to monetize the results. Andy’s background in B2B includes publishing, editing and/or owning magazines and informationproducts covering specialty retail, horse breeding, real estate, credit unions, Wall Street compliance and wireless technology. He organized dozens of publishers to form the 'B2B Audience Network,' now part of ePublishing, to fill excess ad inventory.


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What Bloggers Can Teach B2B

Blogs were pronounced dead in Fast Company in December of 2012 and in New Republic in April of 2013. And just before the New Year, a Forbes article declared the blog dead once again.

But from what I'm seeing blogs are leading the way when it comes reader response and are worth learning from. Don't you get jealous when you read a blog and it has been tweeted 288 times, shared on LinkedIn 142 times, and so on? I do. Those sure are not numbers many B2B publishers see when it comes to their

... 

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3 Website Mistakes You’re Probably Making

I have an informal list of more than 30 potential website red flags to look for that I'll be sharing at the SIPA conference. Here are three you should consider now.


Beat Big Data with Deep Data

Big Data killed the value of unique B2C audiences before we called it Big Data. It's been years since someone selling cars has needed to advertise on a car enthusiast website to reach car buyers. Now auto ads follow car buyers around the internet like yellow-jackets at a barbeque.


The Webinar Litmus Test

When’s the last time you charged for a webinar? Did you know some publishers routinely get $295 or $495 per seat for webinars? I doubt 5% of the scores of B2B publishers I’ve worked with for the past few years ask attendees to tender anything other than their registration data. Paid content goes way beyond webinars, but they are a perfect benchmark.

All the talk in the media media is about The New York Times trying one thing or the Washington Post trying another. In B2B we don’t have

... 

ABM Annual Conference Greatest Hits

Much has been written about ABM merging under the umbrella of SIIA. But much more was going on during the annual meeting of the 100+-year-old Association of Business Information & Media Companies a fortnight ago in Florida.  Read More >>

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Hijacked by Information Technology

There is a reason magazine publishers did not own their own printing presses. The investment was never worth it for even the largest publishing companies. Sure newspapers owned presses—they had daily needs, often multiple editions, and they had local distribution and urgent turn-arounds.  Read More >>

The Crusade Against Advertising

Banner advertising is dead man walking. How do I know? I read that everywhere. Recent excerpts from leading commentators include “almost useless,” “days are numbered” and in Digiday last month, “hatred for the much-maligned banner has grown steadily.”

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Leveraging Functionality to Tap New Advertisers

Business-to-business started out as adjective, as in b-to-b publishing. Then it acquired the (now quaint) geek acronym B2B. Along the way the concept of B2B has been stretched and twisted.

When I heard Penton Media was about to merge a consulting firm with an online information resource, it looked like they were taking business-to-business literally. It has the elements of a case study with multiple ideas other B2B publishers should think about.  Read More >>

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