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Bob Sacks (aka BoSacks) is a printing/publishing industry consultant and president of The Precision Media Group ( He is also the co-founder of the research company Media-Ideas (, and publisher and editor of a daily international e-newsletter, Heard on the Web. Sacks has held posts as director of manufacturing and distribution, senior sales manager (paper), chief of operations, pressman, circulator and almost every other job this industry has to offer.


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It's Not All Good News for Magazine Publishers

Sometimes I just have to put the tequila aside and deliver a sobering report to the industry to offset some irrational exuberance.  I do this because I love the magazine media industry, and I don't want anyone to misinterpret the facts and true conditions of our industry.


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A Look at New Technology at SXSW

I thought I would take a few minutes to recap some of my reactions after five full days at SXSW seeking the implications there for the magazine media industry, and now share with you the events that were not directly connected to magazine media. I attended a wide array of disconnected events and heard many successful spokespersons, some from more traditional businesses and other, outer-edge representatives from bootstrap startup entrepreneurs.  Read More >>

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The BoSacks Interview: Reed Phillips, Co-founder of DeSilva+Phillips

Reed Phillips is co-founder of DeSilva+Phillips, one of the leading M&A advisors to the media and marketing industries. DeSilva+Phillips have advised and invested in our industry on more than 250 transactions valued at over $8.5 billion.

When it comes to the publishing world, Reed is an advisor to media kings, sometimes known as publishers, and is always worth listening to.


The BoSacks Interview: Bryan Welch, Publisher and Editorial Director at Ogden Publishing

BoSacks Speaks Out: Bryan Welch, a Harvard graduate has successfully held positions as a publisher, editor, and advertising director in cities across the country from Connecticut to Washington State. He has been running Ogden Publishing as the publisher and editorial director since its inception in 1996.  Ogden is a multi-title publisher with such titles as Mother Earth News, Mother Earth Living, Utne Reader, Gritand more than a dozen other titles. Bryan takes special pride as a pioneer in...  Read More >>

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Who or What is a Publisher in the 21st century? Is it You?

I think our publishing industry is at a crossroads that we have been approaching for quite some time, at least since 2007 and surely since 2010 with the introduction of the iPad. Perhaps Mary Berner, CEO of the MPA, has it right when she now calls our former publishing houses Magazine Media.


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50 Years of Irrational Exuberance

Assuming that we are all adults here, it is time for a frank and honest conversation about the future of print. Never have I proposed the death of print, not even its near death. That is not happening and will not happen any time soon. But, my goodness! we do need to collect our thoughts and maintain some sobriety. Both Samir and Mr. Dead Tree have published recent articles about this non-death. Samir calls it, "the amplification of print in a digital age."  I can live with that.  But in my...  Read More >>

Why Time Inc. Isn't Destroying Journalism

There is an interesting law of nature that is paralleled in all business environments. The law that "nature abhors a vacuum" is as strong in any revenue-producing ecosystem as it is in nature. This "law" is in the heart of many a successful entrepreneur, and it is a strategic advantage often missed by corporate shirts. These nimble entrepreneurs have the ability to see the vacuums that are constantly created in the wake of larger organizations' somewhat lumbering journeys.    Read More >>

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Reflections On Life, Publishing, And Bridging Reality in 2013 - 2014

Like most everything else on this planet my newsletter "Heard on the Web" has been an evolutionary process of unscripted events, plan-less right from the very beginning (circa 1992). I had no other mission in my mind in 1992 except perhaps my Star Trek-like fascination with somehow sending words over the telephone lines. I also thought there was the very real possibility that, if I understood the new digital technologies, I might be a more valuable employee in the large publishing...  Read More >>

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