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Principal in Next Steps Marketing

The Digital Market

By Thea Selby

About Thea

M. Thea Selby is a Principal in Next Steps Marketing, a San Francisco boutique firm that solves audience-building challenges in creative, customized way using practical "call-to-action" marketing techniques where the return is clearly measurable by clicks, online sign-ups, responses to direct mail, orders from partners, or sales at newsstand.

She was the 2010 Women's Leadership Conference Chair, is a co-founder and board member of Exceptional Women in Publishing—a national organization dedicated to supporting women in and through the power of online and print media—and is the former CEO and Publisher of Light Green Media, a digital publishing company.


Publishers' Dojo

Linda Ruth
How to Look at Your 2014 Sales
Feb 23, 2015

So far I have spent 2015 deep in analyses of publishers' sales in 2014 and before. That probably puts me...

Media Vent

Bob Sacks
Why Print Magazines Are Not Necessarily Facing Armageddon
Feb 19, 2015

My optimism may be hard to understand with all the data that on the surface seems so damned negative. To...

Pub Talk

Denis Wilson
Resurgence of Vinyl Should Remind Publishers of Their Core Fans
Feb 3, 2015

Last week this article from The Media Briefing about the "resurgence" of vinyl circulated in our offices. Resurgence is in quotes there...

B2B Beat

Andy Kowl
Private Equity Firms Taking Over B2B Media
Jan 13, 2015

Private Equity firms are now the dominant players in B2B publishing. They probably own less than half of all B2B...

Industry Insiders

The Insiders
The Real Cost of Content Marketing
Dec 10, 2014

How do you respond to advertisers who want to blog more and advertise less? Do you discuss with them the...

Publisher's Paradox

Andrew Davis
Publisher’s Paradox: Your Newsletter Subscribers Are Being Overfed
Apr 28, 2014

Charlie Magazine, based in Charleston, South Carolina, isn't asking its readers to subscribe to everything. Instead, Charlie is inviting readers...

Top 5 Mobile Trends for Publishers—It’s Good News, Folks

Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is one of my s/heroes. In this day and age of branded journalism, she is one of the few women who has solidly branded herself as the Go To Gal for internet trends. She comes out with an annual report packed with excellent analysis, and the world becomes clearer for all of us. Thank you, Ms. Meeker!  Read More >>

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Digital Magazine Dashboard 3: 10 Take-Aways from Biannual Survey

A few weeks ago, my firm Next Steps Marketing put out its third bi-annual Digital Magazine Dashboard. Two major titles we've been following since their entrance on the top Digital titles scene had not yet filed Reader's Digest and Taste of Home.  Now that they are in, here's 10 take-aways from this year's Dashboard.  To see the entire Digital Magazine Dashboard, please click here.  Read More >>


A Critique Of Yahoo's Digital Magazine Strategy

Small Business Trends writer Shawn Hessinger and I have a completely different view of the news that Yahoo was starting its own digital magazine empire. While I gather Hessinger saw Yahoo's move to capture an audience with general information that they curated themselves with luscious pictures and snappy writing as bad, I see it as a leap forward for a cluttered mess of a media company.  Read More >>

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New Year, New Survey. Print, Digital, or Print + Digital?

As part of my New Year's Resolution, I resolved to review what was going on with digital pricing strategies for magazines. I did not look at Apple or Android devices, only at websites. Look at what I found:  Read More >>

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Publishers, Customers Struggle With Mag Apps After iOS7 Update

It appears that when you install iOS7 on your iPad, you may suffer glitches with some iPad magazines. Readers of The Economist are noting that pages come up blank when iOS7 is loaded onto the iPad, while other subscribers to magazines like Architectural Digest are no longer able to use the landscape and portrait mode with iOS7.  Read More >>

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Tip 1 of 5 Tips to Awesome Digital Sales–How to Get 25% More Sales for Your Digital Magazines

Over the next weeks, I'm going to be giving you five essential tips for awesome digital magazine sales. This is a bit of a teaser for an upcoming panel at Publishing Executive's Publishing Business conference where I'll be participating in a Monday afternoon panel on the 23rd that will be packed with good ideas, and great speakers. Come by if you can!  Read More >>

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Channel Trumps Technology: An interview with Mark White, Vice President of Specialty Marketing at U.S. News & World Report

Thea Selby of Next Steps Marketing ( talks to Mark White,  Vice President of Specialty Marketing atU.S. News & World, about bookazines. US News & World Report discontinued their print magazine in November of 2010, and now embraces mostly digital products that fit their tagline: "Life's Decisions-Made Here." But they had a dilemma. Some of their most popular and profitable products, sold in print magazine newsstands, had no channel in the digital...  Read More >>

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The Good, The Bad, The Weird: 6 Revelations from (not finished) Digital Dashboard

While I enjoyed the drama of the recent article summarizing PwC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook 2013-2017 on the magazine industry shedding $1.3B by 2017, they missed a little of the positive.

Mainly, it’s not looking so bad from a distribution standpoint.

I’ve been looking at publisher’s statements from Alliance for Audited Media (AAM, formerly ABC) to compare the Top 50 and Top 10 magazines with digital subscriptions, looking at the period ending 6/30/12 and the most recent...  Read More >>

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