Can a Mannequin Project Hipness? You be the Judge (Video)

Can a Mannequin Project Hipness? You be the Judge (Video) Image

Here in Philadelphia, folks still speak fondly of the 1987 Andrew McCarthy movie Mannequin, filmed at the legendary Wanamakers department store (now Macy’s) downtown. Not being a native, I have trouble grasping the hipness of mannequins—or did, until I saw this amazing installation yesterday in the expo hall at the Ad:Tech conference in New York.

Developed by outdoor advertising company Pearl Media, the exhibit shows off “mannequin projection technology,” a process whereby colors and images are projected onto a blank mannequin to create a 3-D image.

“This disruptive and immersive projection system can isolate the mannequin and maps the background for additional branding and environmental enhancements,” a placard explained. It also lets consumers “get the brand in the hand” by allowing them to control the display via a touch pad. The technology was recently used to launch Lil’ Wayne’s new clothing line.

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– James Sturdivant