This Bizarre Dubbed Video May Reveal the Future of Magazines

This Bizarre Dubbed Video May Reveal the Future of Magazines Image

It didn’t get any less weird when I stumbled on a YouTube video called “A magazine for several senses: Seasons.” Posted as a student project in December, the video lays out some actually quite clever ideas for enhancing print magazines to appeal to all four five senses. There is very little information about the video, whose origins and purpose is uncertain. (Whoever heard of a student project that needs to be dubbed and subtitled?) Styled as a commercial, the action breaks off at the 3:15 mark, after which we see little more than a blurry table for the next 2 minutes, followed by the dryly humorous pièce de résistance.

It’s all very odd, yet surprisingly well-produced. These mysterious fellows may well be onto something, though I don’t think the long-period-of-silence-at-the-end ploy works as well here as it did for Nirvana.

Click here to see the video, or watch it in the embedded Flash player.

— James Sturdivant

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  • Donald Tepper

    Well, it was easy enough to track down who did the project. (Took me about 60 seconds.) Somehow, though, it struck me as almost entirely tongue-in-cheek. And it could have been a bit more creative. Still, it makes an interesting point about magazine interactivity. But your reference to "all FOUR senses"? Last time I looked (and tasted, touched, smelled, and heard), we had five senses. But (perhaps even inadvertently), the video also made two very interesting points about magazines. First, it suggested that magazines could be more tightly integrated into our other daily and activities. Second, it suggested a longer-term use for magazines–not something that’s just quickly read and then thrown out.