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FT says FU to Apple, Builds HTML5 App
June 7, 2011

Tension has been building for some time between Apple and big publishers, who aren’t keen on cutting Cupertino in to the tune of 30% for all subscriptions sold on iOS.

The Financial Times released a HTML5-based web app that works exactly like something users would purchase in the iTunes store.

Josh Quittner Leaves Time Inc. To Join iPad Magazine Flipboard
June 6, 2011

Josh Quittner, Time Inc. director of digital editorial development for news, sports, and business, is leaving the print magazine world for a startup: Flipboard, the social magazine iPad app. He will be Flipboard’s first editorial director.

The Thriving (Online) Shelter Magazine Industry
June 2, 2011

Since Domino, the beloved shelter magazine, folded in early 2009, its staff members have gone on to lucrative consulting jobs, top editing posts, even television gigs, but none have advanced as swiftly as Michelle Adams. At Domino, Ms. Adams was a 24-year-old assistant answering phones and running around Manhattan in search of blankets in exactly the right shade of purple. Two years later, she's the editor in chief of Lonny, a shelter magazine she co-founded. Already it has a cultlike following and has given rise to a mini-boomlet in online design publications.

Jann Wenner: Magazines' Rush to iPad Is 'Sheer Insanity and Insecurity and Fear'
May 31, 2011

Nobody mistakes Jann Wenner -- whose Wenner Media publishes Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men's Journal -- for a digital fanboy. He was lukewarm enough on the internet to let another company license and run from 2003 through 2010. Last year he orchestrated a magazine industry ad campaign promoting the "power of print."

But his tentative take on even the iPad may dismay the big publishing powers, which hope tablets will deliver a better kind of digital platform for magazines, one that means significant business in a matter of years. He thinks it will be decades.

Crain Communications sells American Trade Magazines
May 27, 2011

Crain Communications Inc. announced Thursday that it has sold its American Trade Magazines unit to Charlie Thompson, who had been Vice president-publisher of the group. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Court Decision May Lead to Hike in Postal Rates
May 25, 2011

Mailers may be facing an unexpected, emergency increase in most postal rates later this year because of an appeals court decision.

The U.S. District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia sided mostly with the U.S. Postal Service in its appeal of a Postal Regulatory Commission decision last year denying "exigent" rate increases of more than 5%. The court sent the case back to the PRC for reconsideration.

Time Inc. Expands Ad Performance Guarantees
May 23, 2011

A partnership between a top magazine publisher and a major ad buyer is advancing magazines' long push to get measured just like most other media: by their audiences, not just paid circulations.

Time Inc. and Starcom MediaVest Group began the partnership last year to find a way to promise advertisers that certain numbers of people would recall their ad campaigns or take action on them.

Libyan government releases 4 foreign journalists
May 18, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - Four foreign reporters held by the Libyan government for several weeks were released Wednesday and moved to a Tripoli hotel.

Clare Morgana Gillis, an American, said she and her three colleagues - James Foley, Manu Brabo and Nigel Chandler - were in good health.

R.R. Donnelley Swaps Rise as Moody’s, S&P, Downgrade to Junk
May 17, 2011

The cost to protect against a default by R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. jumped to the highest level since September 2009 after Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings cut the company’s debt grade to junk. R.R. Donnelley contracts have soared 98.6 basis points since it said on May 4 that it will buy back $1 billion of shares and consider acquisitions. Moody’s, S&P and Fitch put the company on review for a downgrade to junk, citing the buybacks and resulting increase in debt.

“R.R. Donnelley participates in an industry with very poor supply/demand balance,” Bill Wolfe, a Moody’s

Condé Adds Digital Mag Apps
May 17, 2011

Condé Nast has added digital subscriptions for four more magazines - Vanity Fair, Glamour, Golf Digest and Allure - to Apple's iTunes store. Condé now has five titles, including The New Yorker, available via digital subscription, with plans to add three or four more magazines by the end of the month.

Apple should clarify iOS subscription policy
May 13, 2011

Is Apple treating all App Store developers equally? While Cupertino remains characteristically tight-lipped, recent reports suggest that Apple has reached individual agreements with large publishers as the company strives to increase the number of publishers-especially prominent ones-using its in-app subscription program.

Steve Forbes Says Pay Walls Can’t Pay The Way
May 12, 2011

“Even if you have a successful paywall, the revenue you get will not come close to matching what you’re going to get on the advertising side,” Forbes Media chairman and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes told paidContent:UK.

What Does A "Live" Magazine Mean For Publishing?
May 11, 2011

The idea of the magazine will be reimagined tomorrow night in New York City, with a collaborative event between Pop-Up Magazine and ESPN: The Magazine. Contributors to The New Yorker, This American Life, Wired, Slate, and other publications will get onstage at the Skirball Center for a one-night event, a "magazine" that is performed just once. Less a frantic reaction to the perils of magazine publishing than a clever attempt to re-frame it, the event is a landmark, in different ways, both for Pop-Up and ESPN. But how important is it for the publishing business at large?

The Readius E-reader Lives!
May 10, 2011

A novel e-reader, long thought dead, has risen from the grave.

Polymer Vision, a Philipps spin-off, unveiled the Readius back in 2008 (at right). This was a truly unique device with a 5″ folding E-ink screen. Unfortunately the company lost their funding in 2009. …

I’ve been getting “we’re not dead yet” updates for 18 months now, and I can finally show you the new design. … There’s no word yet on when it will be released, but at least we know it’s still under development.

John Q. Griffin Leaves Time Inc.
May 10, 2011

John Q. Griffin, the last of Jack Griffin’s big outside hires remaining at Time Inc., is leaving after four months there. Jack Griffin brought him on during his short-lived tenure as CEO to be president of a newly formed News Group that was meant to put a bigger emphasis on the company’s flagship Time magazine.

Time Inc. on iPad Subscriptions in the App Store: 'We Have Chosen Not to Do That'
May 9, 2011

The major magazine companies continued their escalating battle to win consumers on the iPad and other tablets today, as Time Inc. poached a News Corp. executive and Conde Nast became the first top publishing house to introduce subscriptions to an iPad edition. But it doesn't sound like Time Inc. is running quite the same race as its competitors -- or considering the same things a victory.

A New Slogan for the Postal Service: "Just Say No"
May 9, 2011

The Postmaster General didn’t just tell major customers this week that the U.S. Postal Service is a business and not a government agency. He followed up with a move right out of the corporate playbook – announcing plans to stiff a major creditor.

Pat Donahoe’s revelations at the National Postal Forum about what the Postal Service planned to do, such as simplified rules and a new ad campaign -- got most of the media attention. But at least as significant was what he said about what the Postal Service will not do.

After iPhone, Here's The PaperPhone
May 9, 2011

If you thought that the iPhone was the game-changer, here's something to prove you are wrong.

A bunch of Canadian researchers have invented a a smartphone prototype which is paper-thin, flexible and has a low-powered e-ink touchscreen display (Amazon's Kindle also uses an e-Ink display). The phone can be rolled up to fit into your pocket.

Publishers Rush to Sell iPad Subs
May 6, 2011

Now that Apple has agreed to new, more favorable terms for selling digital magazine subs on the iPad, publishers like Conde Nast, Hearst, Forbes and Rodale are hurrying to market them, both as stand-alone products and as adjuncts to print subscriptions.