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Digital editions have become much more than replicas of magazines in print. Similar to digital edition books, the growing popularity of the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and other devices has led to many digital editions software providers offering an enhanced reader experience through the use of video, audio, real-time updates and more.


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With $20 Million, Digital Magazine Ozy Wants to Get Louder

Ozy Magazine October 14, 2014

Last week, Ozy Media, an ambitious, year-old digital magazine startup backed by Laurene Powell Jobs and other Silicon Valley luminaries, received an additional $20...

The 10% Digital-to-Print Rule: Magazine Publishers Attempt to Understand What Success with Digital Magazines Looks Like

BH cover in iPad October 13, 2014

There is an ongoing debate concerning what exactly a digital-only publisher should expect in sales when they decide to launch their first publication. Several discussion boards...

9 Hard Lessons from a Top iPad Publisher Who’s Calling it Quits

The Magazine October 9, 2014

When  The Magazine  ceases publication this December, owner Glenn Fleishman will be closing shop on an ambitious two-year experiment in digital publishing. It's not...

CEO of Mag+ on New Growth Opportunities and How Publishers Can Use Digital Publishing for More Than Monthly Magazines

mag+ October 8, 2014

The digital publishing platform company Mag+, like many other platforms, is looking to expand its business beyond simply serving magazine publishers. Recently the company...

Jeff Bezos's New Plan for News: The Washington Post Becomes an Amazon Product

Jeff Bezos October 7, 2014

Jeff Bezos wants to turn the  Washington Post  into a national publication, and he's going to use his other ( AMZN )-to help achieve...

Issuu Brings Its “YouTube For Magazines” to the iPhone And iPad

Issuu October 6, 2014

Several years ago, digital reading platform issuu gave up on the iTunes App Store after several rejections stemming from its then too-competitive nature with...

Google’s Play Newsstand App Makes Reading Print Magazines On Phones Easier

Google Play Selby October 2, 2014

Google's  Play Newsstand app  lets you read news from free and paid sources ranging from blogs and newspapers to The New Yorker and everything...

The Newsonomics of Auctioning Off Digital First’s Newspapers

Digital First Media September 30, 2014

Could the sale of the Digital First Media properties lead to the U.S.'s first quasi-national newspaper company? That's the hope of DFM's current owners,...

Regional Magazines: The Hidden Price for not Launching Digital Editions Is Depending on Free Circ to Maintain Readership

Citygram Austin September 17, 2014

Many regional magazines have begun growing their 'verified' circulation levels to compensate for falling subscription and single copy sales, while ignoring digital as an...

Wearables Could Make the “Glance” a New Subatomic Unit of News

Apple Watch September 12, 2014

The quick-hit stream of Twitter or the Facebook News Feed is giving way to a largely agnostic, mostly opt-in "notification layer" on top of...