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Digital editions have become much more than replicas of magazines in print. Similar to digital edition books, the growing popularity of the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and other devices has led to many digital editions software providers offering an enhanced reader experience through the use of video, audio, real-time updates and more.


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Time Inc.’s Southern Living Launches Seasonal Recipes Digital Magazine

Southern Living Seasonal Recipes April 21, 2015

Time Inc.'s  Southern Living  released a new recipe app through the digital publishing platform  29th Street Publishing . The app,  Southern Living Seasonal Recipes...

‘Netflix for Magazines’ Services Explain Why They’re Not Doomed

Magzter App March 24, 2015

It must be depressing to hear so many people say that your company's business model has no future. Some  magazine   industry   observers...

Zinio and Partner to Expand Their Digital Newsstands

digital mags March 18, 2015

The French digital newsstand and the U.S.-based digital newsstand Zinio have announced a partnership. With the deal, which is expected to go live...

In The “Web vs. Apps” Debate for Online Publishers, Apps Are On A Run

NiemanLab March 2, 2015

It's what qualifies as an age-old debate in the digital media business: Web or native apps? The question isn't really either/or - for most...

Fast Company Reimagines The Digital Magazine As A Feed For Big iPhones

Fast Company Mobile February 24, 2015

A lot has changed in four years. Way back then, forward thinking magazine brands saw the iPad as the future of digital publications. Now,...

Music Magazines Under Stress, Can They Adjust to the Streaming Era?

Jazz Magazines February 20, 2015

The music (and film) category of the Apple Newsstand is not among the more popular categories used for new digital editions, accounting for only...

Why the Replica Edition Is Not Going to Disappear Anytime Soon

digital edition cosmo February 17, 2015

The magazine replica edition has gotten a few premature obituaries lately, as some media reporters, who really should know better, have written that there...

Next Batch of Circulation Statements May Reveal Much About Digital Editions

Tablet Magazines CL February 5, 2015

The next batch of publisher's statements from consumer magazines are due soon, and each day that goes by has me wondering what we will...

8 Lessons From the Failure of Digital Magazines to Revolutionize Publishing

dead tree blog February 2015

The Tablet Revolution turned out to be only a minor uprising. What happened? More importantly, what can we learn from revisiting the plans and predictions...

Magzter Launches Magzter Gold, Unlimited Subscription Service for $9.99 a Month

Magzter Gold January 19, 2015

Startup  Magzter  is already  selling many magazines on the web and mobile devices , but it's been focused on traditional purchase models - buying single...