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The most current news, trends and best practices for magazine production and manufacturing executives, including paper, printing, postal issues and more.


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Quad/Graphics Awarded 20-Title Contract from Hearst Magazines Valued at More than $500M

Quad/Graphics_logo April 20, 2015

SUSSEX, WI-April 20, 2015-Quad/Graphics Inc. will continue to be the primary printer for Hearst Magazines' through 2020 under a new agreement valued at more...

USPS Adjusts Periodicals, Sets May 31 for all Rates

USPS Logo April 17, 2015

The Postal Service today announced that, in response to concerns raised by the Alliance, it has reduced the large price increases it had previously...

Are Postal Rates Headed Up, Down, Or All Around?

dead tree blog April 6, 2015

A slow appeals court, delays in the usual inflation-based rate increase, and the end of the exigent surcharge could converge to create a wild ride...

A Look at the Bygone Days of Newspaper Publishing

Bob Sacks March 30, 2015

There is a  story in today's paper  that is a recap of a very local discussion about our paper of record here in Charlottesville, VA....

RR Donnelley CEO Thomas Quinlan on the Future of Printing

PI Xchange Logo March 16, 2015

Last week  Publishing Executive 's sister publication  Printing Impressions  launched its PI Xchange Live video series , featuring live interviews with top printing executives. The inaugural...

On PRIMEX, And the Important Nuts And Bolts of the Magazine Industry

Bob Sacks March 13, 2015

There is an unsung part of the magazine media industry that many of us rarely think or hear about, and yet a case can...

Sticker Shock: Size of Postal Increase Stuns Publishers

dead tree blog March 6, 2015

Although the April postage hike for Periodicals will supposedly average only 1.4%, some publishers are learning that their increases will be 10 times that amount....

A Fashion Magazine’s Successful Business Model (Hint: It’s Free!)

New York Times logo March 5, 2015

Every Thursday evening, attractive young men and women gather outside select Métro stations in Paris to hand out free copies of the fashion and...

Rival Print Giants Donnelley and Quad Not Looking To Get Hitched

dead tree blog February 27, 2015

R.R. Donnelley and Quad/Graphics, the USA's two largest printing companies, apparently have their sights set on gobbling up more competitors -- but not each other. Quad's...

USPS Goof Gives Publishers a Break on Postal Rates

USPS Logo February 19, 2015

Because of a calculation error, the average postal rate increase for magazines in April will be less than originally announced. The Postal Regulatory Commission, which...