Editor's Note: Since this video was published, Joe Romello has exited F+W along with other C-level executives. It's important to note that many of the claims Romello makes during the video of his presentation from the FUSE Media Summit have been vigorously contested by former and current F+W employees.  See the comments below for context.

When Joe Romello joined F+W Media as CTO in 2016, the company had 200 URLs, and dozens of newsletters, and a slew of ecommerce sites across a multitude of brands. Romello wanted to consolidate these diverse assets so that F+W Media could create a unified view of the audience and understand how individuals engage with F+W content across platforms and brands. To do this Romello and his team invested in a master data management solution to streamline audience data integration as well as sentiment analysis tools and ecommerce technology that improved the user experience. Year over year, from 2016 to 2017, Romello says F+W increased revenue 200%. At the 2017 FUSE Media Summit, Romello explained how this transformation took place. Romello left F+W in January 2017.

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  • Joe Shmo

    Hmmm, 200% revenue growth? Really? Is that why the CEO, CTO and this clown recently got fired. Because their so smart and everyone else at the company were a bunch of idiots? What an incredible load of BS and he presents it with a straight face. This guy is a fraud.

  • OneWhoKnows

    I see Romello’s math skills are about as adept as his development skills. Romello and team did not achieve anything like 200% revenue growth as his firing from F+W Media should adequately demonstrate. Romello, the CTO and CEO came in to F+W, spent a lot of investment dollars, got a lot of great people terminated and lost a lot of money.

  • HackerOfKrypton

    I love it when windbags like this guy disrespect a company that hires them. As backwards as he makes F+W sound, they were smart enough to see through his act. Being gracious and professional isn’t difficult for real professionals…

  • Noah Badman

    Joe Romello is a very bad man. Any successes he claims to have had while at F+W (or anywhere really) you can be assured did not occur. He was likely committing some type of fraud in the background, just look into the history of criminal acts he committed while he worked for the CIA.

  • Cathy Cee

    It’s too late, his customer base has found it and it’ll be shared widely. We’re angry about the changes he made and his lack of understanding

  • JoeBumble

    One of my colleagues at F+W passed this link to me. It is incredible to listen to. Not only is this individual disrespectful and ignorant, the claims he makes are completely and utterly false. Romello came to F+W with a lot of puffed up swagger, had in a matter of a few months run the entire dev team out of the company and installed his own people. His rude treatment of F+W employees is well-known and his inability to develop for robust ecommerce environments did damage to popular brands and actually decreased revenue. He did not foster better UX or anything of the sort. Data management work was done by competent people who he insulted so badly they left the company. He was a disaster for F+W and the company is now trying to recover from the damage he and other executives did. Frankly I’m surprised anyone would publish this video upon hearing the tone and tenor of this talk – a complete disqualifier in my opinion. It reflects poorly on this site and Fuse Media.

  • Not True

    Quite a few of my friends worked at F+W with this guy at the time he said he did this stuff. Almost this whole speech is fabricated. University of Phoenix? F+W never licensed course material to University of Phoenix. He taught the content writers how to “SEO” content? With all their faults at this company, the only thing the content writers focused on was SEO – way before this guy and his crew got there. The old Chief Digital Officer that predated this guy was about as inept as Romello but not as good at lying. The only marketing focus he had was SEO. Employees there could go line by line on this whole speech and point out that everything he said here was fabricated to make himself look good. He and the other executives that have been run out were pretty good at lying. As others have said, those lies have caught up with him here but I imagine other media companies will be happy to take him on board based on fake speeches like this one.

    • mike missy

      Their mistake if they do — when someone shows you what they are, believe them. He’s a felon.

  • mike missy

    First of all, this guy is a convicted felon – and Tom Beusse, and Tinecum and the board of directors of F+W let this fox in the proverbial hen house. Every word coming out of Joe Romello’s mouth is a perversion – you can tell he can ‘spin a yarn’ but he is so full of crap it isn’t even funny. He has ZERO experience or knowledge of web commerce and proved it every single day — and he has done nothing but disparage all of the workers who followed his screwed up directives, and then let them go. 200% revenue growth? Maybe in your pockets along with the other C suiters, but you guys were killing companies that have been in business for decades. Not even going to waste my breath on this person. All I can think of is Chevy Chase saying “JOE, YOU IGNORANT SL*T… !” because that pretty much sums it up.

  • Denis Wilson

    Note from the Editor (Denis Wilson): For better or worse, we’ve deleted some of the comments on this post because they do not fit the objectives of having an open and professional discussion around media business management practices.

    We considered removing the video. At least one commenter suggested the video reflects poorly on Publishing Executive. We are certainly sympathetic to the fact that some of Romello’s comments are insulting to F+W employees. However, we decided against removing the video because one of the objectives of this site is to learn from the actions and experiences — good or bad — of others in the industry. Based on the comments on this post, we think there is a lot to be learned here. We also didn’t want to remove the video and appear to be hiding comments Romello made in a public forum. Rather we want to provide a forum for professional response and discussion.

    We welcome anyone to comment further but ask to please keep critiques within the realm of constructive professional criticism.

    If you’d like to have a direct conversation about this, feel free to contact me: dwilson@napco.com.

  • mike missy

    The audience is foolish to laugh and clap for this guy. Trust me, he does not know what he is talking about. Millennials don’t knit? Really? You think the art space teaches people to “paint”? Your comments show your depth of understanding in anything – especially your job – which was zero.

    You did NOT increase revenue 200%. You three nearly destroyed the companies within F+W. You were the director of technology and web — and just listening to him you can tell he has NO CLUE what he is talking about – he proved that Every Day.

    SEO wasn’t invented “when magazines were around” so you had to teach your editors how to write for seo?? What planet are you from??? Not in our business! We had to fight to get SEO paid attention to once under F+W tent.

    RE: your idea about positive force reduction – We are all glad that the whole bunch of you is gone. Shame on the board of directors, Tinecum and any other investors in the past and future who hire this band of nincompoop “buddies”. As you can see from this — they can spin a fine yarn. I don’t think the lot of you has worked a day in your lives – and you disparage hundreds of fine people who work hard every damn day and actually CARE about the company they work for – only to see you bulls in the china shop come crashing through.

    And F+W didn’t create the Farmer’s Almanac, nice try, Joe. Just keep making it up as you go along, right?