When Joe Romello joined F+W Media as CTO in 2016, the company had 200 URLs, and dozens of newsletters, and a slew of ecommerce sites across a multitude of brands. Romello wanted to consolidate these diverse assets so that F+W

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  • Joe Shmo

    Hmmm, 200% revenue growth? Really? Is that why the CEO, CTO and this clown recently got fired. Because their so smart and everyone else at the company were a bunch of idiots? What an incredible load of BS and he presents it with a straight face. This guy is a fraud.

  • OneWhoKnows

    I see Romello’s math skills are about as adept as his development skills. Romello and team did not achieve anything like 200% revenue growth as his firing from F+W Media should adequately demonstrate. Romello, the CTO and CEO came in to F+W, spent a lot of investment dollars, got a lot of great people terminated and lost a lot of money.

  • HackerOfKrypton

    I love it when windbags like this guy disrespect a company that hires them. As backwards as he makes F+W sound, they were smart enough to see through his act. Being gracious and professional isn’t difficult for real professionals…

  • Noah Badman

    Joe Romello is a very bad man. Any successes he claims to have had while at F+W (or anywhere really) you can be assured did not occur. He was likely committing some type of fraud in the background, just look into the history of criminal acts he committed while he worked for the CIA.