The Hunter Farmer sales model is a popular way to organize media sales teams. "Farmers" are salespeople that cultivate existing business, making sure not to lose clients, while "hunters" are the salespeople that go out and find new business. While

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  • Wally

    Jeff, Very interesting topic. The concept of farming and hunting seems to me to only exist to label what is sales and part marketing. It is to place characteristics within a certain container. You are correct in stating that great sales people do both. I would also add some marketing skills as well. The hunter profile is not exactly correct in business today. They do have to bait and camouflage. They have to make sure or research the target. They have to understand who they hunt. This can also be used to describe the farmer. They have to prepare the soil. They have to make sure the environment is right in order to sprout and bloom. When you look at sales people they must be very complex and have multiple talents. I don’t think hiring managers look at all of these skills. I know that the education of sales is in complete shambles. There are 2 theories on this as well. Stick with your strengths or cross train and improve weakness. While both have advantages they still are not a complete solution. What I do is provide a document based solution for companies and individuals that allows them to become complete sales people as well as marketing professionals. If you would like to discuss this please contact me. Wally Barr
    P.S. Sales today has very little resemblance to what it was even 15 years ago. The goal is the same however.

  • Jeff Reinhardt

    Sticking with the hunter / farmer metaphor: let’s not forget that farmers work the land to increase the quality, quantity and yield of their crops. This is growth. Farmers are not babysitters or account managers – they are sales people who must analyze their crops, land and weather conditions in order to grow for the next harvest season.