Abny Santicola

Abny Santicola
Do You Know Where Your Content Is?

More and more, publishers are seeking content management systems (CMSs) that help them to create in one system content intended for any channel. These tools serve as central repositories of content stored in extensible markup language (XML) and interact with other publishing and delivery systems (e.g., print and Web), thus enabling publishers to repurpose content across a host of channels on the fly.

The Two-Faced Marketer

E-mail offers a way to deliver fresh content online, while driving traffic to related Web sites, maintaining customer loyalty and cross-promoting brands. In addition to serving as a marketing tool, it has the dual ability to stand on its own as a revenue-generating product in the form of an e-newsletter.

Better, Faster Magazine Production

For magazine production managers, getting accurate pages to the printer by the deadline is the name of the game. With increasing production costs and decreasing workforces at many magazines, anything that makes it easier for a production manager to do his or her job is a must-have.