Christopher Hendrickson

Christopher Hendrickson

Christopher Hendrickson is a copywriter and content editor for Marfeel. Marfeel is an ad tech platform that helps publishers create, optimize, and monetize mobile websites.

Less Is More: How Fewer Ads Can Make You More Money

When a site has too many ads, websites become slower, content becomes obscured and readers become frustrated. But too few ads and publishers won’t be able to fund the content they work so hard to produce. In conversations I have with publishers, I see this reconciliation of user experience and ad revenue is one of…

How Publishers Should be Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool

It’s official: page speed will be a ranking factor on mobile as of July 2018. This important news arrived one week after Google released version 4 of its PageSpeed Insights API tool, cementing it as a critical instrument in the publisher mobile optimization toolbox. This piece will explain why Google is prioritizing speed and how…