Cosmin Ene

Cosmin Ene

Cosmin Ene is the founder and CEO of LaterPay, a payments and technology company with offices in the US and Germany. Under Cosmin’s leadership, LaterPay has become the monetization standard for local publishers in Germany with over 200 clients, and has expanded to the US market.

The (Utterly Predictable) Decline of Advertising

Publishers' advertising revenue has been threatened for well over a decade, so why weren’t they better prepared for the COVID-19 freefall? While many rightly acknowledged the need to focus on reader-generated revenue, they steadfastly embraced one single business model: growing subscriptions by implementing paywalls. Here's why that's an issue.

8 Things to Remember When Monetizing Content

With online ad revenues continuing to decline, publishers know they need to do something to generate new income, which has led the industry to focus on reader revenue generation. It's entirely possible to make money with paid content. But to do so, you have to be prepared upfront to commit to the process and to follow certain rules and patterns.

How Do You Sell Content to an Audience That Controls the Narrative?

Now more than ever, the publishing industry finds itself on a quest for more effective ways to make money. For the past few years, the industry has been working through a regular cycle of taglines and keywords: ‘metered models,’ ‘memberships,’ ‘registration paywalls,’ dynamic paywalls,’ and so on. These have led publishers to leverage a mixture…

Publishers Are Missing the Point: Private Browsing Isn’t a Roadblock, It’s a Road Map

The publishing industry was up in arms over the summer when Google officially closed the loophole in its Chrome browser that allows website owners to detect whether a visitor has enabled Incognito mode to view their site. The complaint? It effectively undermined publishers’ efforts to prevent readers from circumventing their paywalls as they could no…

Rise of the Super Aggregator and the User-Centric Experience

How do people really get their news today? They do a Google search. They go directly to the site of a publisher they know. They use a news aggregator and browse stories there. Reviewing data from, Nieman Labs suggests that in 2018 about 20% of traffic to the average site came from search, with…

How Micropayments Can Move Readers Through the Subscription Funnel

This year – and perhaps for the first time – the topic of micropayments was front and center at the 2019 INMA Media Subscription Summit, where publishers discussed best practices for growing digital subscriptions. It was a direct reflection of the industry’s shift in focus toward tools and solutions that can extend current business models.…

3 Lessons Publishers Can Learn from the TV and Music Industries

This is an incredibly hectic, yet exciting, time for publishers. New platforms for distributing content are emerging and users’ behaviors are evolving. Media executives are being tasked with wading through the noise and uncovering solutions that will further meet the needs of today’s modern-day consumer. I am no stranger to this struggle, having co-founded German…