David Gaspar

David Gaspar

David Gaspar is a managing director at DDG, an innovation consultancy that builds startups inside Fortune 500 companies

How to Integrate New Technology into Your Organization in 3 Steps

There’s no question that tech forces continue to both frustrate and foment the publishing industry. Technology is forcing fundamental changes within organizations. And while publishers need to adapt or risk falling further behind, integrating new technologies into your business and implementing new processes within your teams adds another layer of challenges. However, there’s good news:…

3 Ways to Ensure Native Advertising Doesn’t Self-Destruct

In a world where ad blockers pose an ever-present challenge, paid content (AKA, branded content, sponsored content, or native advertising) is an effective workaround for publishers and advertisers alike. Besides being an effective tool to get a message past ad blockers, paid content can enable brands to tell their stories where pre-roll or display ads…