David Renard

David Renard

David Renard has 20+ years of international strategy, product management, marketing, analytics and consulting experience with a focus on digital and media/publishing. He has built startups in the media and tech space (Stare, Netcirculation, Mediaideas, The Loadown) and advised both multinationals (e.g. Gartner, Reliance Games, Random House, Conde Nast) and start-ups (e.g. Surface Media, V Magazine, Complex, 7Park Data) on corporate strategy, performance analytics and business intelligence, pricing, digital/social marketing and audience development.

4 Key Criteria for Selecting a Business Intelligence Solution

In the process of selecting a business intelligence solution, publishers need to achieve a balance across multiple criteria rather than looking at just a single factor (e.g. cost). Here's a list of criteria that are key to assess before even considering pricing.

How Media Companies Should Get Started with Business Intelligence

There has been much discussion in the media space about business intelligence (BI) and how it can help drive a host of key objectives. BI encompasses the tools (usually dashboards) that use a company’s data to improve business decisions and performance. For a publisher, that could mean helping, in real-time, journalists focus on content categories…