Dianne Kennedy

Dianne Kennedy
Best Practices for Advertising on Tablets

On April 3, 2010, the publishing ecosystem was changed forever. For magazines, the launch of the iPad signaled the exciting new era of interactive, innovative publications and new revenue opportunities. For agencies and advertisers, the launch of the iPad meant promise but also radical changes.

CES 2012: Predictions for Publishers

This year, while we saw refinements and hybridization in the tablet market space, the lack of overwhelming leaps in publication delivery technologies was good news. CES 2012 predicts we will have a year to refine production tools and workflows to deliver content to a relatively stable delivery platform environment.

Redefining Multichannel Content 

The launch of the iPad in 2010 launched a new era of innovative publications accompanied by new revenue opportunities—and pushed the limits of production staff who were required to produce more products without any accommodation to publication schedules. Publishers from across the spectrum realized that they must explore new workflows, publishing tools and business models to deliver their content simultaneously to any media channel.