Eddie Mayhew

Eddie Mayhew

Ed Mayhew worked for the Postal Service for 37 years, becoming one of the most recognized experts on periodicals mail in the country. Ed was a part of the Rates and Classification Service Center (RCSC), ending his career as a Classification Specialist in the New Pricing and Classification Service Center in New York City. He has written rulings, instructions and articles for postal publications, appeared as an expert witness in court, a rebuttal witness for the Postal service at the Postal Rate Commission, co-authored postal handbooks and applications, and was the RCSC coordinator for six postage rate cases.

He is the 2002 winner of the Angelo R. Venizian award for contributions to the publishing industry, the first postal winner of that award in its history.

Ed has made training videos appearing on radio and TV, speaks at numerous seminars and is an 11-time top National Postal Forum speaker. He is founder and president of consultancy Eddie Mayhew’s Classification Station. Contact Ed at 973-462-5662, E-Mail at eddie@emclass.com or Twitter @eddiemclass.

Political Inertia May Be The Deciding Factor

Now that the Postal Service is showing the level of desperation that only a company typically in its death throes would show, just maybe the powers that be will act with some level of expediency.

Bursting the Bubble

Various elements of the Postal Service haven’t yet realized how serious the situation is for the future of the mailing industry that depends on them.

March Madness 2011

March is generally tagged with the subheading "March Madness" for the basketball playoffs.  However, there are other factors including postal possibilities.

Rates Rising

The outlook for changes in publishers' postage costs next year ranges from virtually zero to the potential for double-digit increases that would put many publications out of business.