James Arnold

James Arnold

James Arnold is the chief digital officer for Rooster Strategic Solutions, a consultancy firm serving companies in food and agriculture. James has worked in the B2B media sector for 20+ years, most recently as VP of digital for Farm Journal. You can contact James at james.arnold@roosterstrategy.com. You can also follow him on twitter @RoosterCDO or connect with him on LinkedIn.

10 Key Considerations When Selecting a Programmatic Partner

As publishers seek deeper efficiencies to maximize digital revenue, the concept of in-housing programmatic advertising is alluring. After all, it removes the middle-man and increases the revenue earned on every buy. But, in-housing programmatic comes with often-times insurmountable obstacles related to tech and staffing. That’s why a partnership approach is typically the most advantageous and…

3 Steps to Creating a Custom Research Offering

Research can be murky, but publishers enter the arena from a position of strength. They already own key connection points with the audience that can be used to engage in a reportable, statistically significant conversation. Here's a three-step process publishers should follow to create a market research offering.

How Publishers Can Start Monetizing Smart Speakers

If you ask an Amazon Echo how to monetize a voice assistant or smart speaker, it will tell you, “Sorry, I don’t know that one.” Many publishers are in the same boat. Already with enough on their plate, publishers are looking at voice similarly to how they viewed mobile a decade ago. It’s interesting, but…