James Sturdivant

James Sturdivant
Signs and Symbols of a Shrinking Craft

The picture is poignant. In a New York Times article this week, there's a photo of a handwritten poster illustrating the inverted pyramid for the staff of DeWitt Clinton High School's The Clinton News. The poster is earnest in the way that things teenagers take seriously are, with bright colors and bold type.

Is Yahoo asking itself the right questions?

After the news broke about Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr, I paid a visit to Yahoo.Com (it has been quite a while) to get a sense of what all these aggressive offscreen moves might mean for Yahoo as a brand. What is the face Yahoo hopes to turn to the public?

Time Spent With Print Still a Compelling Argument for Advertisers

It's always kind of fun when some disruptive news drops that shakes up the "print is dying" narrative. This week, it was a research report from McKinsey and Company, which found that in terms of time spent, digital products (tablets, smartphones and computers) make up only 8 percent of news consumption. 

Bad e-mail management delivers only confusion

The other day, I decided to change my account settings with NASDAQ OMX's GlobeNewswire. I was getting way more e-mails than I wanted, and most were not relevant to my beat, so I clicked on the trusty "manage accounts" link. 

Is being offensive online the latest in shock marketing?

Lately, there have been a string of offensive ads forcing corporations to retract and apologize—among them an ad for Ford India featuring tied-up women, a Hyundai ad joking about suicide, and a Mountain Dew spot

Building a Better Show

How do you get employees and partners to build an entirely new series of conferences and expos, all by volunteering their skills and services in their spare time? Business-to-business media company UBM managed to do just that with its Business4Better

Custom Content, Reimagined

Back in March, my Publishing Business Group colleagues and I paid a visit to the Brown Printing Company plant near Allentown, Pa. According to their website, Brown prints over 180 consumer and business publications at this location, situated along a country road about 100 miles west of New York City and 50 miles north of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia: Publishing 'Wit'

Throughout the month of June, Hidden City Philadelphia, a website devoted to writing, photography, and the city's "dormant and hidden places," is holding a series of artistic happenings at derelict or under-appreciated urban locales.

Learning to Be a Good Gatekeeper

Ron Matejko's blog last week caused a bit of a stir, in its suggestion that the New York Times should not have taken down its paywall during the height of the news coverage of the Boston bombings.

A Newspaper's Decline, Writ Large

A photo essay by photographer Will Steacy chronicling the decline of the Philadelphia Inquirer's newsroom has gotten a lot of attention in the last week, with articles in Paid Content and Wired. The pictures focus on individual employees and workspaces in the last days of the paper's residence

Twitter's Self-Balancing Act Proves its Value

"In the midst of a story like this, twitter is both the best and the worst place to turn. Please RT with caution & context." That was a tweet yesterday afternoon from Andrew Golis, senior editor and director of digital at Frontline, and good advice it was, if sometimes difficult to follow. 

Looking Back at History's First Draft

My mom is a pack rat, which as everyone knows can be frustrating for friends and family trying to help bring order to domestic chaos. The upside of pack rattery is there are always gems scattered among the detritus of domesticity, and so it was last week, when I discovered at her house a box full of old newspapers originally saved for their historic headlines.

A Thing of Beauty

As association magazines go, Nature Conservancy has less of a profile than National Geographic or Smithsonian, which is a pity, because the quality writing, beautiful pictures and fascinating facts found in each issue certainly deserve just as broad an audience.

GO!! Viz Media Conquers the World!

Viz Media LLC, the preeminent Japanese comics company in the U.S. market, has found a digital solution to a vexing problem. Jointly owned by a consortium of three Japanese media companies