Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is the author of six books, including the Amazon bestselling novel, The Will to Die, as well as Epic Content Marketing, named a “Top 5 Business Book” by Fortune Magazine. You can reach Joe at or @JoePulizzi on Twitter.

Guess Who's Going to Buy You? That's Right...Your Advertiser

Barstool Sports launched as a print publication in 2003. Since then, they’ve become a multi-million dollar diversified sports and pop culture media company. Barstool recently sold to one of their advertisers, Penn National Gaming (owner of the Tropicana), for $450 million. A few years ago something like this would be considered an anomaly. Today, odds…

Measuring Custom Publications: Challenge Your Clients and ROI Is Possible

I’ve been on hundreds of calls with marketers regarding the creation of a custom print magazine or content-based Web site. In each of those cases, there was always someone in the organization who championed the effort. For whatever real reason (and there were many), this person thought a content marketing initiative was important for the business to consider. At some point on each of these calls we came to measurement. Marketers would frequently ask how we could help them measure a custom magazine. To that, we began to dive into their marketing communications strategy. Frankly, what we learned was never pretty. Rarely, if ever, did the