Jim Sturdivant

Jim Sturdivant
Self-Publishing: Let the Buyer Beware

Recently I received a flurry of promotional e-mails which sought to publicize the efforts of a bunch of self-published authors. I get these all the time, mostly from Yahoo or Gmail addresses, but on this day received a particularly large number of them.

Devolutionary DRM

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that DRM is for the dinosaurs. Publishers should instead focus on monetizing the exposure online sharing brings.

20 Revenue-Generating Ideas

With print-dollars declining for many, and "digital dimes" not necessarily filling in gaps, it is quickly becoming an era of reinvention for publishers.

A Trailblazing Travel Mag

Afar Media founders Greg Sullivan and Joe Diaz decided to form a media company built on a shared passion for travel that goes beyond guidebook checklists and tourist haunts.

RR Donnelley Now Running a Newsstand

With its purchase of digital content provider LibreDigital, RR Donnelley is getting into the business of selling periodicals direct to consumers online.