Kerri Balliet

Kerri Balliet

Kerri’s goal is to help people connect deeper with themselves, their community, other individuals, and the world around them. As a transformational coach, she works with companies to create cultures of human greatness and connectivity. She works with individuals who are looking to play a bigger game, and supports her community by offering various workshops and programs.

Kerri launched The Red Baron Group in 2018 and has spent the past year enrolled in an ICF accredited transformational coaching program, Coachville. She is an affiliated partner with Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® as well as a Higher Ground Leadership® partner. The 35 years she spent in business management and operations as well as her own transformational journey gives her a unique perspective and many personal experiences to draw from. She is a firm believer that strategy, leadership, culture, processes and people must be in careful balance in order for change to be sustainable.

During Times of Disruption, Company Culture Is Key to Adaptation & Innovation

Our world's current challenges got me thinking about companies and the environments we create within them. If your goal is to have an organization that can successfully embrace disruption, be innovative, and pivot quickly, then creating a company culture that allows employees within it to perform at their best is critical.

Coach Approach Leadership: 3 Steps to Make Your Teams More Effective

I recently received an email with five tips to help my team get their work done on time, all the time. The tips were good: Schedule meetings 10 minutes early, don’t do “one more thing” before you leave, etc. The last tip, “trick your mind,” really hit home. It suggested changing your clocks to run…

How Transformational Leadership Impacts Your Bottom Line

As a transformational coach in the corporate world, I absolutely love working with companies that are interested in connecting more deeply with their customers. Today’s publishers and media companies are competing for reader’s attention, loyalty, and spend – especially now that so many companies are offering content as part of their value propositions. Publishers are…