Lynn Rosen

Lynn Rosen
Publisher, Meet Your Reader!

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Editors & Mag Execs Evolve With The Times

It was a powerhouse session at our magazine keynote presentation this year at the Publishing Business Conference. We asked four top execs to speak to the topic of Facing the Future, and to share some thoughts about profit, innovation, risk and what they fear most. Each one of these publishing leaders had a lot to add to the dialogue.

Magazines Must Be Compelling, Outside And In

We spend a lot of time finding the most appealing image and compelling copy lines for our covers, and I'm sure you do the same at your publication. I learned from my years in the book business that the old adage about not judging a book by its cover is completely untrue. You can tell quite a bit from a cover, and most readers do-they make snap judgments about whether something is worth reading, about whether they will actually turn the page and see what's inside.

Plus Ca Change

The September issue of Inc. contains what the magazine calls "The Inc. 500," their list of the "fastest growing, best run, most innovative, and most inspiring private companies in America." The message in this is clear to me before I even look at the list: innovation is good. This dovetails with what I already believe: the ability to come up with new ways of doing things is a valuable skill; it's good to be a creative thinker.

Having words

Everything we create at Publishing Executive -- the magazine, newsletter, webinars, conferences -- at heart, is all about the content. At a more essential level, it's about the words we use to convey our message to you, the choices we make as to how we communicate. Words, thoughts, sentences -- all combine to provide quality content.

Mary Berner, President and CEO of The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) started the conference off with her usual energetic call to action and to “innovate, innovate, innovate.” Next up, PE’s own Dr. Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni led a panel discussion of magazine CEOs including David Carey of Hearst, Steve Lacy of Meredith, Bob Sauerberg of Condé Nast, and Efrem (Skip) Zimbalist of Active Interest Media.

Samir Husni on “Isolated Connectivity”

Today in our video chat series Literally Speaking, I spoke with Dr. Samir Husni, a.k.a. Mr. Magazine, a self-described “hopeless romantic” about magazines. This conversation was part of an ongoing series to take place every Friday morning at 11am EST. Join us next week! Find more info and register here.

Living the Lonny Way

Recently, I got some advice from Irene Edwards about how to decorate the window seats in my house in a way that's unique and expresses my personality. I feel very fortunate to have received these personalized tips from the new Executive Editor of the digital shelter magazine Lonny.

On the Right Track

In our travels for our new City Spotlight section this month, we stayed close to home. As you'll see on page 24, Managing Editor Jim Sturdivant writes about the Philadelphia publishing scene. Many people who read our publication and attend our events assume that we're based in New York, as so many publishers are, but we're not. We are Philly folks at NAPCO, and proud of it! And here in the home of the cheesesteak, the Liberty Bell and, yes, Rocky, we are part of a vibrant and thriving publishing scene.

Stylish By Design

We’ll call it the Gwyneth era, the recent exciting period of growth and change at Harper’s Bazaar. It kicked off with the March 2012 redesign, which included a one inch wider trim size, higher quality paper and a splashy new interior with dramatic type treatments designed by Robin Derrick, Former Creative Director of British Vogue and Executive Creative Director of Spring Studios.

On the Cutting Edge of Augmented Reality

We knew we were cutting edge here at Publishing Executive, but now we have the proof from a new Mobile Activation Study just released today by Nellymoser!

San Francisco: Far Out on the Publishing Continuum

From its counterculture days to its present position on the cusp of Silicon Valley, San Francisco has nurtured a number of prestigious publications and the employees who make them run.

We Know You're Out There

Last month we introduced Augmented Reality to our magazine, which gives us the ability to boldly go in new multi-media directions. We're feeling very intrepid these days, and we're eager to seek out the new and cool wherever we can.

Making the Rounds @ SXSW

The interactive folks are beginning to join the long lines at the Austin airport today, while the music portion of the festival starts heating up. (And speaking of heat, sunny and in the 70s in Austin today!) The overall consensus from the show is that unlike previous years, there was no new big thing announced.

Engineering Results

Tony Mamone co-founded Livingly Media with Danny Khatib in the spring of 2005. As CEO and co-founder, he is responsible for the overall vision, execution, growth and continued success of Livingly Media and its properties.