Nate Kristy

Nate Kristy

Nate Kristy’s B2B, SaaS, and services marketing expertise stems from over 15 years of industry experience in leadership and marketing development. As vice president of marketing for Automational, Kristy manages the marketing strategy, messaging and lead generation initiatives for the small business marketing and sales solution.

4 Tips to Boost Engagement With Email Personalization

Marketers within the publishing industry are well aware that audiences want to read content that is relevant to their unique, individual interests and needs. The more successfully publishers tap into this expectation, the higher and more engaged readership will be. The same thought process should apply to e-newsletters and email marketing campaigns, as well; yet…

3 Ways to Retain & Grow Newsletter Readership

When it comes to email marketing, publishers and online media groups rely on this channel more than most businesses to attract audiences to their content. The larger and more engaged the subscriber base, the higher the ad revenue; it’s no secret that digital publishers must make newsletters enticing to drive readership and website visits. Despite…