Noelle Skodzinski

Noelle Skodzinski
Have You Forsaken Print?

I received more e-mail notes in response to my last editor’s note (“Give Me a Stone Tablet, I’ll Read It,” January/February 2012) than to almost any that I’ve ever written. Almost all were along the lines of “Amen” and “I agree! Print is not dead!”

The Source of Integrated Growth

Chris Argentieri was put in charge of the country’s largest special-interest media company, Source Interlink Media (SIM), in 2010. His new role as president held him responsible for 78 publications, 101 websites, 800 branded products and more than 50 annual events.

Advancing Vance Publishing

Peggy Walker is no stranger to publishing. During her 25-plus years in the business, she has held positions in everything from editorial to audience development, operations and executive management at some hefty publishing companies—such as Putman Media, Gorman Publishing, Highline Media and The National Underwriter Co.

Give Me a Stone Tablet … I’ll Read It

"Print is dead." "Magazines are dead." "The industry is dying." If I hear these deductions of fuzzyheaded defeatists one more time, we'll likely experience the unmediated wrath of an Irish redhead gone off the deep end.

Your Outlook for 2012

Depending on whom you talk to in the industry, this is either a period of great opportunity, as publishers explore new frontiers, or it is a time of great struggle, as publishers strive to offset shifts in marketing spend (declines in print especially), and develop new products and revenue streams.

20 Revenue-Generating Ideas

With print-dollars declining for many, and "digital dimes" not necessarily filling in gaps, it is quickly becoming an era of reinvention for publishers.

Your Opportunity: Solve Problems

After a year that saw many publishing companies pulling their publications, brands and employees out of the tar pits, the fourth quarter has brought some optimism.