Peter Beisser

Peter Beisser
An Open Question

In her role as John Wiley & Sons' vice president and director of open access, the question Rachel Burley faces every day is quite a challenging one. In fact, it's one that the whole of the scholarly journal and book publishing world is wrestling with these days, as well.

Success With Video in a Soft Economy

Charles Weiss, an 18-year vet of the trade publishing business, knows how to best supplement editorial content with solid video.

Helping Put It ‘All Together’

After working for more than a decade helping transform the Robb Report from a Rolls-Royce aficionado title into the luxury lifestyle magazine it is today, John Treworgy left his role of vice president of operations and associate publisher and took on a new role when the brand was sold several years ago. With a wealth of experience under his belt, he was soon approached by consumer magazine publishers seeking his advice to improve their efficiency. Today, Treworgy serves as president of Publishing Services Group, a consultancy that helps publishers set up or revamp their infrastructure. His main focuses include helping streamline manufacturing, marketing

Content Marketing Guru Joe Pulizzi on Creating Useful Custom Content

Joe Pulizzi says the future for media organizations can be found in the realm of content marketing and custom publishing. Helping non-media organizations and companies create this valuable and effective content is what is going to move our industry forward, he says. If anyone should know, it’s Pulizzi—recently dubbed “the evangelist for the custom media industry” by American Business Media (ABM). After leaving his position in the traditional media world as vice president of custom media for Penton Media last year, he founded Cleveland-based Junta42, a content marketing and custom publishing community search engine and resource. “It’s like eHarmony for custom publishing,”

Walking the Walk: McMurry’s new group publisher on how the more things change, the more they stay the same in ad sales.

With more than two decades under his belt leading magazine advertising sales teams, Russ Cherami says he’s ready to try his hand at something a bit different. It’s why the Phoenix-based custom media publisher McMurry recently hired him as group publisher of magazines and Web sites created for the well-regarded company’s top clients—including Amtrak and The Ritz-Carlton. Cherami, who will be based in New York, will focus on expanding four advertising-based custom publications and McMurry’s new-media ventures. As Cherami starts his new venture, he shares some wisdom from his 19-year tenure at Forbes and his most recent gig as publisher of Saveur Magazine, the

The Digital Initiative: MPA President and CEO Nina Link on the growth consumer magazines are experiencing online

If the first quarter of 2008 is any indication of where consumer magazine publishing is headed, this year may end up being remembered as a significant step in the evolution of the industry. Recently released numbers from the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) show that publishing is moving to the Web in a big way. The first quarter saw a 12-percent increase in unique monthly visitors to consumer magazines’ Web site—up from 63.2 million to 70.7 million total—over the same period last year. That growth three times that of the average Internet site, according to the MPA. With 65 new digital initiatives being rolled

XML Marks the Spot: Tips on Finding New Uses for Old Content

Extensible Markup Language—better known simply as XML—has become part of the popular vernacular for magazine publishers since it was first introduced 10 years ago. (For those still unfamiliar with the term and wondering what exactly all of the hubbub is about, XML is essentially a way to tag content with metadata to help it be more easily identified and found for reuse, especially on the Web.) Barry Bealer, the president, CEO and co-founder of Really Strategies, a content management and publishing solutions firm, says more and more publishers have begun to embrace native XML repositories now that they’ve discovered they can create derivative products

7 Tips to Avoid Going Postal Over Postage Rates

Since new postal rate increases were implemented last summer by the United States Postal Service (USPS), periodical publishers of all sizes have begun examining how the hike has affected their business and how it will have an impact in the future. Steve Frye, a publishing consultant and Publishing Executive columnist, offers seven tips for Publishing Executive Inbox subscribers this week to help find ways to alter their production trends to take advantage of the changes. Frye will speak in greater detail on the topic when he joins a panel of other industry experts at the upcoming 2008 Publishing Business Conference in New York March

A ‘PASTEY’ Perspective on Magazine Publishing: Q&A With Nick Purdy, Publisher, PASTE

Nick Purdy returned to his role as publisher of PASTE magazine last week, after stepping aside for some time to help the media group’s other efforts. As the original publisher of the title, Purdy founded the independently published title with friends Tim Regan-Porter and Josh Jackson in 2002. Since then, the Decatur, Ga-based title has grown into one of the best-selling music publications in the market. Purdy, 36, talked with Publishing Executive Inbox his magazine’s campaign last fall to let consumers name their own price for a one-year subscription, how expanding ad streams will fit in with the company’s plans to expand to non-print

Advice for Publishers Shopping for File Delivery Systems

With the new year on the horizon, publishers working without file delivery systems for their advertising needs may want to add one to their list of resolutions. With the advent of Web-based versions of these digital tools in the past decade, ad workflow has forever changed—yet not every publisher has climbed onto the bandwagon to find a technology partner just yet. Alan Darling, executive vice president of AdSEND, spoke with Publishing Executive Inbox about some of the advantages of adopting this type of technology. INBOX: What is the biggest mistake publishers make when it comes to working with file delivery systems? How can they be

Media Buyer-Turned-Publisher Talks Luxury Titles

After nearly two decades of association with the travel, financial services and luxury retail industries, Alison Chittum Miller recently switched her career gears and became co-publisher of Greenspun Media Group’s Las Vegas-based luxury titles: VEGAS Magazine, Wynn and Venetian Style.  Miller expects to bring valuable experience from outside the industry to her new role. She most recently helped create Stratus Rewards Club 360, the country’s first credit card and loyalty program to offer rewards such as private jet travel and stays in private homes and villas. Publishing Executive Inbox spoke with her about her new role with Greenspun Media Group, where she will oversee all

Gore Documentary Inspires Publisher to Produce First “Green” Bible: A Q&A with Thomas Nelson CEO Michael S. Hyatt

November 02, 2007--“An Inconvenient Truth,” the 2006 documentary that focused on climate change, won more than just two Academy Awards—as it turns out, it also won over Thomas Nelson’s Michael S. Hyatt. Hyatt, the president and CEO of the largest Christian book publisher in the world, took the inspiration he gained from viewing the film and carried the message back to work with him. Last month, Thomas Nelson published an industry first—a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified “green” Bible, which contains paper made with 10-percent post-consumer recycled fiber. Some industry experts suggest that the publication of “The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible” signifies