Ron Matejko

Ron Matejko

Ron Matejko is the President of Phoenix, Ariz.-based MVP Media, an award-winning digital publishing company. Matejko has 16 years of publishing experience in print, Web and mobile and has worked on the staff of two award-winning publications.

MVP Media publishes MVP Magazine, the first interactive sports publication, which won a Bronze 2010 Digital Magazine Award for Best Sports Magazine, besting entrants from 26 countries around the world, and was a finalist for Designer of the Year. MVP Media will launch its own magazines on the iPad in 2011.

MVP Media also helps existing publishers convert their print products into dynamic publications for the web and tablets. Visit the MVP Magazine website at Contact Ron by e-mail at, or connect with him on LinkedIn or on Twitter @mvp_media.

Podcasts Are Fertile Ground for City & Regional Publishers

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve entered an era of on-demand media consumption. And due to its mobility and being a natural accompaniment for multitasking, audio has emerged as a favorite among the on-demand public. Podcasting, in particular, has enjoyed a boom in recent years, with one in four Americans now listening to podcasts. “The…

The 4 Digital Publishing Trends to Watch in 2017

The table for digital publishing in 2017 was actually set last fall when Apple killed off its newsstand app. This set the wheels in motion for Adobe to de-emphasize its digital publishing software in February in lieu of mobile app development. Just like that the two biggest players in the digital publishing game were now…

7 Ways City & Regional Publishers Are Growing Their Business

The mood at the recent City and Regional Magazine Association Annual Conference in Denver was upbeat and cautiously optimistic that business was improving with much of the focus on new business development. Here are some of the ways that city and regional publishers are driving new revenue for their businesses. Nonprofit Partnerships Are on the…

Instant Articles Could Provide Instant Opportunity for City & Regional Publishers

Many publishers have April 12th circled on their calendars. Reason being is that day presents the next big opportunities for publishers to expand their brand when Facebook opens its Instant Articles platform to everyone. Publishers are anxious to get more eyeballs on their content. So, when the social media giant recently announced all publishers will…

How 5280 Magazine Sold Out Its First Book by Ramping Up Social Media

For the last few years, president and editor Dan Brogan and his team at 5280 magazine focused on building their social media following on Facebook, Twitter, and more recently, Instagram. Those efforts literally paid off last year after the Denver-based publishing company decided to produce and sell its first book. When 5280 The Cookbook went on…

Events Take on Greater Importance as City and Regional Publishers Seek Diversification

When luxury title publisher Palm Beach Media Group announced in October the launch of a new venture called Illustrated Events, the move offered yet another piece of evidence that signals the growing role events will play in diversifying a publisher's business model. Events are not an original concept for Palm Beach Media Group or many…

6 Trends Affecting City & Regional Magazine Publishing

If you’re looking for sunshine among the clouds of uncertainty within the publishing industry, there are many city or regional publishing executives who would gladly have a conversation to help clear up your outlook. After years of either holding steady following the Great Recession or fighting for a return to normalcy, the city and regional…

The $7 Facebook Campaign

“Boost Post.” “Boost Post.” The icon grabbed my eye with every post on the Turnbuckle Magazine Facebook page. Like most call to actions, or advertisements, the icon was ignored. Then, in June, we produced an original short video on a woman who gave up her career as a professional wrestler to donate a kidney to…

Build a Better Mouse Trap: Ad Blockers Should Force Publishers to Change Strategies

Is there anything more annoying than the unwanted and uninvited sales person who knocks on your door trying to sell you a product or service that you don’t want, don’t need, or isn’t related to any of your interests? This is no different than when someone visits a magazine’s web site and is instead greeted…

The Podcast Opportunity for Publishers

From the time podcasts were developed in 2004 until about five years ago, these on-demand audio broadcasts suffered from an image problem. The perception was podcasts were the lowest rung on the broadcasting ladder. They were a graveyard for washed-up media personalities who hoped to preserve any modicum of relevancy or an outlet for wanna-be broadcasters who weren't good enough to make the cut in traditional media.

Apple Throws Publishers Another Curve Ball

The relationship between Apple and the magazine publishing industry has been acrimonious since the launch of the iPad in 2010 and the technology giant threw the industry another curve ball on Monday.

As first reported by Re/code, and later announced during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple is launching a Flipboard-like, content-aggregation app called News. Re/code also reported that Apple plans to do away with Newsstand, which at this point amounts to a mercy killing. Apple did not mention the fate of Newsstand during the WWDC.

Meerkat, Periscope & The Video Streaming Opportunity for Publishers

The big buzzwords in the publishing industry right now are mobile and video consumption. Periscope and Meerkat, two apps that launched not too long ago, address both of these buzz-worthy trends and they are worth publishers' attention. These free, easy-to-use tools provide a new channel for publishers to instantly reach an audience with a uniquely intimate experience.

Foli Brings Digital Magazines to Waiting Rooms

Whether it is a doctors office, auto repair shop or other places with a waiting room, there are two things that are guaranteed to be found, long wait times and outdated reading material.

Foli aims to solve one of these problems by bringing digital magazines to waiting rooms and other public places.

This service is the creation of Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur Henry He, who developed Foli as a tool for people to access their favorite digital magazines on their tablet through its patented geo-location technology.

To Pay or Not to Pay ... That is the Changing Question

In an era, where citizen "journalists," aggregators and content farms threaten to turn the information media companies produce into a commodity, the importance of protecting premium content is greater than ever.