Tanja Fjiałkowski

Tanja Fjiałkowski

Tanja Fjiałkowski is a Bay Area native, creative-analytical hybrid with the mindset of an entrepreneur and the spirit of an artist. After earning her B.A. in Literature and Writing at UCSD, she worked at Printers Row Publishing Group and finessed a dynamic editorial skill set. She transitioned from print to digital media when she joined the 101 Network, where she successfully established the first of the 101 Network’s sites. She served as the network’s Managing Editor before accepting the company’s first-ever Senior Program Manager of Innovations role. Her favorite literary character is Randle McMurphy for his unwavering commitment to original and creative thought.

Offer, Don’t Ask: The Mindset That Earns Audience Trust

Publishers and advertisers have an inherently intertwined relationship. So much so, they sometimes mirror each other. But publishers need to remember that although they rely on and have shared goals with advertisers, they are not advertisers. If publishers lose sight of this, they also lose (or never develop) the trust of the audiences they need…

Publishers, Don't Overlook Your Best Source of Content Ideas

As a publisher, if you’re following a trend, you’re already behind. Here at 101 Network, we discovered that the hard way when we were first starting out back in 2016. In order to produce content, we did what most amateur publishers do: We followed trends and tried to replicate the success of others. We tapped…