Content Strategy

Just Their Type
September 1, 2000

McCann-Erickson New York gets creative with Web-based typographic asset management. For many ad agencies, the World Wide Web has been a cash cow, thanks to the revenue gush generated from dot-com clients in 1999 and 2000. However, the savviest agencies aren't just milking Internet start-ups, they're capitalizing on Web-based technologies to improve their own operations. So, even if billings from dot-com campaigns dry up, forward-thinking advertising firms will continue to pump the Web for increased productivity and profits. McCann-Erickson is one agency that's making the most of online opportunities. Presently, McCann-Erickson's New York City office employs the Web as a creative resource and workflow

The New Media's XML
November 1, 1999

Three-letter language delivers data down the superhighway For Congressional Quarterly (CQ), a Washington, DC-based legislative publisher, revamping its online information service called for "addressing the issue every publisher is actively grappling with, which is, how to best manage their content," according to Kinsey Wilson, editor of CQ's Daily News, a congressional news publication. In the new Rather than exclusively relying on print, CQ has turned to the Internet as a new medium for the purveyance of information. Since its conception ten years ago, one of CQ's sites,, has continued to evolve, utilizing state-of-the-art Web technologies. According to Wilson, a year-long development

Demystifying the Database Project
September 1, 1999

Databases Help Publishers Get a Grip on Content. Two years ago, Joi Davidson moved into the position of production coordinator for the Chief Executives Organization's (CEO), Bethesda, MD, annual membership directory. She inherited a database publishing legacy; but with the current pace of technology upgrades, a legacy is not always a blessing. During the year-long process of producing the directory—which includes images and contact information for 1,800 members—the association realized its need to make some changes to the system. The first to go was the database application. The association took advantage of a geographic move to update the software to FileMakerPro from FileMaker,

The DAM Revolution Heats Up
August 1, 1999

In all business segments, trends and fads come and go with the seasons. Once in a while, however, a trend becomes a paradigm shift and has such an enormous impact on our business that it makes everyone stop dead in their tracks. Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a shift of this caliber: a trend that is on the verge of exploding into a revolution. Regardless of who you are and what you do in the cycle of brand development or management, you cannot hide from DAM's effect. This one development is going to change the way you think and work. The challenge you'll face is