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Conde Nast Restructures: Consolidates Art, Copy, Research
October 24, 2016 at 2:52 pm

Condé Nast has announced the first phase of what will likely be an upheaval in the company structure, joining a recent pattern of organizational revamping at Dow Jones and Time Inc. WWD secured an internal memo from Condé Nast CEO Bob Sauerberg informing staffers that the company was moving forward with unifying the creative (photo…

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Staffing a Content Team and Creating Approval Workflows
February 10, 2016 at 12:19 pm

The idea of staffing a content team and building a “brand newsroom” is enough to give some marketers a panic attack. But it’s less complex than you think. First, evaluate what internal resources you already have. That’s going to be the biggest factor that determines the mix of in-house employees and freelancers you need to…

10 Key Learnings from the FIPP World Congress
October 27, 2015 at 9:38 am

The FIPP World Congress, held in mid October in Toronto, Canada, was yet another huge success with media brands from across the globe presenting their visions and strategies to more than 800 engaged delegates. Among those involved were representatives from Time Inc., Newsweek, The Atlantic, Immediate Media, The Huffington Post as well as key Canadian…

On PRIMEX, And the Important Nuts And Bolts of the Magazine Industry
March 13, 2015

There is an unsung part of the magazine media industry that many of us rarely think or hear about, and yet a case can be made that this hard working section of the industry is the mighty engine that actually keeps us running.

We constantly read about creativity in our industry, about the art or editorial without which we wouldn't have a business. We read about newsstand issues, both the good and the bad. But the "magazine auto mechanic" who keeps the engine running is rarely in the forefront of industry discussions. Yet without a good, well distributed substrate, where would you put your creative content?

Rival Print Giants Donnelley and Quad Not Looking To Get Hitched
February 27, 2015

R.R. Donnelley and Quad/Graphics, the USA's two largest printing companies, apparently have their sights set on gobbling up more competitors -- but not each other. Quad's CEO, Joel Quadracci, was caught off guard on Tuesday by a question from a Goldman Sachs analyst at the end of Quad's quarterlyearnings conference call. "I'd kind of love to hear your thoughts on potential regulatory pushback or maybe lack thereof on a tie-up between your company and your biggest competitor," said Fred Krom. Quadracci at first thought the question was about Courier Corp., which Quad recently planned to acquire until Donnelley stepped in.

What Does It Mean to Run “Product” in a News Organization? Hayley Nelson’s Big Challenge at Wired
December 31, 2014

In 2012, boy-wonder Scott Dadichbecame editor-in-chief of the magazine. The following year, Dadich hired the magazine's first ever director of product management, Hayley Nelson. "There was no product organization when I got here. They didn't really know what product meant," says Nelson. "That's the product manager's legacy - you're always evangelizing. 'Here's what I do! I'm at this unique intersection between tech and sales and edit. I try to triangulate and listen to what everyone wants to do and make it all go forward.'"

Streamlining Digital Ad Workflows: What Every CRO Should Know About Implementing an Order Management System
October 8, 2014

Over the past few years, publishers have seen their ad inventory grow exponentially with the explosion of digital and mobile media channels. However, their profit margins are shrinking due to the increased complexity of advertising sales, meaning that publishers spend an increasing number of hours on manual data entry, creating a multitude of inefficiencies in the sale and purchase of online media ad inventory.