Get Your Head Into the Clouds
January 30, 2009

I've been thinking lately about the "cloud." Not the clouds in the sky, but rather the workings of "cloud" computing

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Implementing a CMS
December 1, 2008

Implementing a new content management system (CMS) or Web content management system (WMS) is, to say the least, a daunting task. Integrating past content and anticipating future needs—all while trying to meet the requirements of present constituents—leaves the process riddled with potential for missteps. It’s no wonder experts in CMS/WMS implementation stress the need for adequate preparation.

The Two-Faced Marketer
November 1, 2008

E-mail offers a way to deliver fresh content online, while driving traffic to related Web sites, maintaining customer loyalty and cross-promoting brands. In addition to serving as a marketing tool, it has the dual ability to stand on its own as a revenue-generating product in the form of an e-newsletter.

The Magazine Manager Sales Are Up
October 20, 2008

The Magazine Manager ® is pleased to announce its 2008 3rd quarter sales are up 22 percent over 2007. The Magazine Manager brand focuses on the magazine industry and represents the future of publishing, separating them from CRM providers who don’t specialize in or understand the nuances of the publishing industry.

Dissecting the New Media Life Cycle
December 31, 1969 at 7:00 pm

If you're going to be successful in the fast-paced digital world in which we compete, you must take a proactive and strategic approach to discovering, understanding, evaluating, and eventually investing in the right solutions.

Publishing Executive Buyer's Guide 2014 - Technology Issue
December 31, 1969 at 7:00 pm

The Publishing Executive Buyer's Guide is intended to be a reference for publishers on the significant and emerging technology that is reshaping the future of the media industry. We've broken down our guide into four major categories that increasingly require publishers' attention: Digital Publishing and Content Management; Events, Webinars, and Video; Marketing Automation; and Audience Data Management.

A Report from SXSW on The Future of Publishing
December 31, 1969 at 7:00 pm

In March I attended South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX to see if I could find connections between emerging digital technology and the ever-changing world of magazine media consumption.

Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez on Building A Robust Digital Infrastructure
December 31, 1969 at 7:00 pm

Say Media has lately been making headlines for its prowess in the online publishing space. In fact, there's a good chance that at some point you've been sucked into the digital rabbit hole of one of Say Media's 16 online magazines, which it refers to as "brands."

Why Web-Forward Media Companies Are Turning To Print
December 31, 1969 at 7:00 pm

There has been plenty of press lately about online properties going print. It’s hard not to be drawn into these stories and see them as silver linings after a year of “print is dead” hysteria. However, these launches, though encouraging, are less a bellwether for the health of the publishing industry and more of a reminder of what makes magazines valuable to begin with.