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I Watched a Day’s Worth of Snapchat Discover Stories—Here’s What I Learned
July 1, 2015

In January, Snapchat rolled out its new Discover feature to some serious fanfare. In case you just woke up from a content coma, Discover allows major publishers like ESPN, CNN, and People to push out a bundle of native content optimized for the platform that only lives on Snapchat for a day. At the time, the move was hailed as a great opportunity for publishers to reach a younger audience-not to mention Snapchat's biggest push yet to be a true player in the content wars.

Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp Speaks on Video, Native Content, and Journalistic Integrity
June 30, 2015

Since taking the reins as chairman and chief executive officer in 2013, Joe Ripp has led Time Inc.'s spin-off from parent company Time Warner in June 2014, cut costs at the company and made acquisitions of digital firms such as Cozi and FanSided. Ripp began his media career at Time Inc. in 1985 as assistant comptroller. Eight years later, he was promoted to senior vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer. He moved over to Time Warner as executive vice president and cfo shortly after, and rose to cfo of America Online, and later vice chairman. 

The Biggest Facebook Video Publishers In June
June 30, 2015

We already know that video is a big deal on Facebook.

When we recently looked at the performance of Facebook native video, we found that for some publishers, videos get much higher levels of average engagement than other types of posts, such as images and external links. In the case of the BBC News page, videos were getting an average of four times the number of shares as links to the BBC website.

As of May, native videos make up around 30% of the average news feed.

How One Small Regional Magazine Came Back From the Brink of Extinction
June 29, 2015

"In hindsight, I wouldn't have launched a magazine if I'd known what was ahead."

That's Rebecca Wesson Darwin, president and CEO of The Allée Group, which owns Garden & Gun, the magazine she helped launch in 2007.

For the as-yet uninitiated, Garden & Gun celebrates the "soul of the South." Think: seersucker, screen porches, sweet tea, sculpted gardens, and other accoutrements that echo with gentility. The gun part? It's more spaniels, setters, and sporting clays than the shaggy beards and shotguns seen on a certain reality-TV series.

10 Social Media Trends That Will Shape Marketing Over the Next Decade
June 29, 2015

It's 2015 and brands have figured out how to best use social media for business. The last decade was filled with trial-and-error attempts to succeed as the operating environment evolved. However, the same trends that created this environment have continued to develop and unless brands adapt, their efforts at digital engagement will be a waste. Marketers must update their strategies for social media, because over the next 10 years it will be:

Time Inc. Partners with Mobile Trivia App in Effort to Attract Millennial Audiences
June 26, 2015

Time Inc. announced Wednesday a new content partnership with mobile game developer Etermax. Etermax is the creator of the game Trivia Crack and will use Time Inc.'s content in game's forthcoming sequel. "Trivia Crack is an information-based game, and Time Inc.'s brands inform the largest publishing audience in the U.S. Our brands are synonymous with popular trivia categories like celebrities and entertainment, sports, news, and fashion," said Steven Haft, SVP of innovation at Time Inc., in a press release.

How The Magazine Cover Is Surviving -- And Thriving -- In The Digital Revolution
June 26, 2015

It turns out the magazine hadn't done all it could. In the ethereal world of digital media, printed magazines continue to offer something concrete, a tangible representation of a collaboration between editors, artists, designers and writers. And nothing embodies this collaboration like the magazine cover, which remains one of the modern age's most widely consumed pieces of public art. As Time magazine's design director, D.W. Pine, put it, "I still feel like the power of the Time cover is because we print it. The power is that we take the time and energy to craft