Verso Changes Course -- Why?
September 14, 2012

Only three weeks after Verso Paper’s CEO said acquiring NewPage was the key to its future, Verso announced it no longer wants to buy its rival. Why the sudden change of heart?

In a mid-August interview with The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal, Verso CEO David J. Paterson said that the company’s key strategy is acquiring ailing companies “to get the cost reductions we can't get on our own.” NewPage, which is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, is Verso’s only publicly announced target.

Resolute Unveils Align Family of Environmentally Responsible Papers
February 3, 2012

MONTREAL, February 3, 2012 – Resolute Forest Products today unveiled its Align™ family of high brightness, environmentally responsible papers that can be used as alternatives to chemical pulp coated and uncoated freesheet in most commercial printing applications.

Typical freesheet papers are designed for brightness and use more trees and chemicals than are needed for most print applications. Align papers are made with up to 50% less wood fiber and have a smaller environmental footprint than traditional offset papers, including some containing recycled content. By delivering higher opacity and bulk at a lower basis weight than traditional freesheet, Align also helps reduce paper, postage and transportation costs.

The ‘Green’ TEAM
February 1, 2008

According to one of the better-known accounts in the compendium of humankind’s greatest achievements, it was in the year 105 that a Chinese man named Ts’ai Lun invented paper, mashing up wood from a mulberry tree with fiber from bamboo. Thus was born a technology that would literally change the world, making possible artistic, scientific and religious revolutions, democratizing literacy and learning, and ushering humanity into the modern age. In recent times, paper production has played a role in changing the world in other ways. The book industry alone required 3 million to 4 million tons of paper over just the last three years,

Abitibi Matches Paper-Recycling Receipts for Disaster Relief
October 1, 2005

Houston, Texas -- Oct. 5 -- Abitibi-Consolidated has announced that all of its Abitibi Paper Retriever customers can choose to donate their October and November paper-recycling receipts to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help rebuild lives and communities after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Abitibi will match each dollar donated by its Abitibi Paper Retriever customers, up to a company-wide total of $25,000. The Abitibi Paper Retriever is a community recycling program that collects newspapers, magazines, catalogs and mail at more than 15,000 green and yellow recycling bins located in 23 metropolitan areas across the United States and Canada. In addition to