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Ad Firms Are the Reason Adobe’s Flash Still Exists -- Despite Its Many, Many Security Flaws
August 7, 2015 at 2:58 pm

There’s yet another security issue surrounding Flash, the Adobe technology that is used in the majority of rich online ads today. On Monday (Aug. 3), Yahoo said it shut down an attack that distributed malicious code to Windows computers that had visited its properties. Once installed, the malware exploited machines running outdated versions of Flash,…

Press Release: Adobe Publish Coming in Summer 2015
March 24, 2015

On March 23, 2015 at the Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin, we announced that we will bring Adobe Publish to market in Summer 2015. Adobe Publish is a platform that builds upon the foundation of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) to bring the next generation of mobile app publishing. It will allow our customers to make mobile apps for phones and tablets without requiring development and to produce and distribute great content in simple, cost-effective and modern ways.

Fast Company Reimagines The Digital Magazine As A Feed For Big iPhones
February 24, 2015

A lot has changed in four years. Way back then, forward thinking magazine brands saw the iPad as the future of digital publications. Now, in 2015, the tablet seems stalled, and it is the smartphone-particularly in its larger-screened embodiments-that has everyone's attention. Into this context Fast Company, the most progressive of major business publications, has launched a new native app experience in close collaboration with Adobe.

In my first story as a contributor, I interviewed then Condé Nast digital czar (nowWired Editor-in-Chief) Scott Dadich on the flagship tablet app he had worked with Adobe on for Wired.

Adobe Will Drop Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition for Creative Cloud Members
November 25, 2014

Those publishers who have enjoyed using Adobe's Single Edition app solution, and are not Pro or Enterprise users, will soon lose a major feature as the company announced that it would drop the benefit for Creative Cloud members on May 1, 2015. Single Edition allows publishers to create a single issue magazine, eBook or other type of app, free of charge and launch it into the Apple App Store - all that has been required is that the publisher have a Creative Cloud membership.

Bonnier to Migrate Their U.S. Magazine Apps to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite
July 30, 2014

The magazine publishing house Bonnier will soon be launching new apps for their U.S. magazines as they begin publishing using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Bonnier publishes such titles as Popular ScienceSaveurPopular Photography and Field & Stream.

Bonnier was among the first magazine companies to launch an app for a magazine title into the Apple App Store with its release of the app for Popular Science - available from the first day the iPad was shipped. The magazine's most recent publisher's statement shows that its app, calledPopular Science+, has over 57,000 subscribers (out of a total circulation of around 1.3 million).

Adobe Partnering With Samsung on New Marketplace “Papergarden”
June 13, 2014

Adobe announced today a partnership with Samsung on a new digital magazine marketplace called Papergarden. The marketplace will come installed on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet devices. With the service, Adobe hopes to leverage the DPS Native Android Viewer and streamline the purchase experience. Readers will be able to fully preview, view pricing, and purchase single issues or subscriptions without having to first install the magazine app.

Reversing Course, Google Rejects Adobe Web Publishing Tech
January 27, 2014

It can be hard to say no to an idea with some merit -- especially after already saying yes.

But that's the position Google is in with an Adobe Systems technology for bringing more sophisticated, magazine-style layouts to Web publishing through a technology called CSS Regions. Google changed its mind after deciding that it was too complex and that it would hamper one of Google's top 2014 priorities, making Chrome faster on mobile devices, according to Google Chrome programmer Eric Seidel.

Industry Statistics You Can Use
May 1, 2013

Adobe has been crowing recently about some numbers pointing to increased demand, innovative advertising models and new revenue streams in digital publishing. In April the company, known for its workflow and content management products

Six Reasons Why It's a Great Time to Be in Magazine Media
April 2, 2013

In her opening remarks last week at Swipe 2.0, the annual digital conference produced by MPA - The Association of Magazine Media, Mary Berner, President and CEO, MPA, declared six reasons why there has never been a better time to work in magazine-branded media.

The following is a transcript of Berner's prepared remarks:

Good morning and thanks for coming. I’m delighted you are here. It’s going to be a great conference, with interesting speakers, covering really important stuff. So let’s cut right to it. I’m going to say something that will surprise you.