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The Mailing Conundrum
October 1, 2007

If you publish and mail a magazine, you are already well aware of the impact of the latest postal hikes. The United States Postal Service’s (USPS) 2007 price hike significantly affected both Standard and Periodical rates. Initially, the USPS proposed a change that would increase Periodical rates by an estimated 11.4 percent. The USPS does offer discounts to publishers based on how well the publishers integrate into the USPS’s automated systems with presorting, palletization and other factors. However, publishers do not perform these services … printers do. On its Web site,, the USPS clearly states its intention to pass responsibility of automation onto

Checks and Balances
February 16, 2001

In an attempt to familiarize publishers with the benefits and pitfalls of computer-to-plate (CTP) technology, printers commonly draft CTP constitutions for prospective clients. The following is a foundation on which digital clients and printers can build: 1. Content isn't always developed in-house, especially coming from advertising or freelance submissions. When a publisher accepts outside materials digitally, it's important to establish parameters for that material. Will publishers accept transfer media (i.e., Jaz disks, CD-ROM, etc.) or will publishers limit file formats to a few popular choices (i.e., Mac- or PC-based, TIFF-IT, Jpeg, etc.)? Copydot files created by vendors require similar considerations, according to Clarke Fine,

The Snowball Effect
January 1, 2001

You can't write a prescription for style. You can, however, create a recipe for success inside an 8x10˝ trim. For Bradford Fayfield, the 29-year-old editor and publisher of Freeskier magazine, a Storm Mountain Publishing venture, success and style are synonymous. Skiing, explains Fayfield, is a lifestyle, not just a sport. Since the magazine's launch three years ago as ski gadabout, the brainchild of this Northwestern University grad and his fellow U.S. Ski Team member, Chris Tamborini, not only found a niche just when snowboarding gained popularity, but cut a new one for extreme skiers. Tired of the conservative coverage ascribed to the

In the Black
May 1, 1999

The creation of In the Black Publishing Ltd., a grass-roots publishing firm in Denver, was a lengthy and arduous process for partners Ellsworth Grant, president and CEO, and Frances Grant, vice president and COO. With a year of successful publishing behind them, these two entrepreneurs can now look back at what they've learned and use their experiences in the continued evolution of their single title, In the Black. Throwing the proverbial hat into the ring "My publishing experience started many years ago," recalls Frances Grant. "I had a boyfriend who used to print neighborhood newspapers, and I started helping him out with